If everyone has to leave this body one day or another, what is the reason for trying to lead the life in a certain way, how does it help us? You may think, why should I even struggle or work throughout the day if I can’t predict anything!?

Around 5000 years ago, a sage named Sameekudu decided to meditate and not be immersed in mundane activities. Around the same time, a king named Parikshith ended up in his hermitage as he was hunting in the same forest. He asked the sage for some water, and the sage did not respond as he was meditating. King got furious and placed a dead snake around his neck and left the place. When the sage’s son returned to the hermitage, he was shocked, and got agitated. He cursed the King to get killed by the king of snakes very soon! When the son explained this to the sage later, the sage used his power to see who the person was and came to know that it was the great king, Parikshith.  The sage expressed to the son that he should not have cursed the king as it was an act out of anger. He asked the son to go and inform the king about the curse. The king repented what he had done and approached the most knowledgeable sages to find out what needs to be done in the short time frame he had. Then, He took refuge of Suka – a 16 year old and an extremely wise and compassionate sage who preached him Bhagavatham!  Even if you decide to sit quiet, or meditate – your activity can result in something as great as Bhagavatham! So, the question is not about why one should do an activity instead of meditating, it should be about how one should do their activities, or work! 

kurvanne:va iha karmaa:ni jijeevishe:th – Vedam says that one has to work as long one is in a body on this Earth!

Now, if we have to work – why should we perform our work in a certain way? Can we just eat, live like any other animals?
What is the difference between other creatures and us in the way we lead lives?
We can talk, and they can’t? No, they have their own language, in fact parrots can be taught to talk. We know that. How about, we pray, and they can’t? Not entirely true – We think we pray, but our minds wander on various things!

There are two differences between other creatures and us;

  1. We cover ourselves with clothes!
  2. We cook food and eat!

Since we take up larger amounts of resources for cooking food, and dressing up ourselves – we must be capable of doing our work in a better way and for higher benefit than the other creatures, right? It is the same activities – but we can do them better! How?

  • Any activity we do is called a task. This is where all other creatures stop.
  • If we work on the task with some planning such that our tomorrow or next moment is better for us, it is called karma. This is where most of us stop.
  • If we work on this karma in a way that not only you but also people and surroundings around you are also happy, it is called dharmam. This is where some great people stop.
  • If we work on this dharmam in a way that recognises the higher power, the God – it is called seva, service! This is where some great devotees stop.
  • If we work on this service in a way that it follows the principles defined by elders [anushtanaparulu – who practice the preaching of our great rushis] whose lifestyle benefits everyone in this and outer worlds, it is called kainkaryam! This is the right way to live!

By leading life in the levels that we described above, we make ourselves more and more capable of doing what we want. We will come out of restricted abilities, and we can become unbounded by the limitations of time and space. The incentive of higher capabilities is only resulting benefit, we don’t strive for that. But, our lifestyle will end up giving us those capabilities. Just like, a student learns his course material well, and marks in the exam are only a resulting benefit.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami at Tapovan, Vijayawada at Sivananda Saraswati Mata ji asram!

Sri Swamiji blessed everyone gathered at the asram during the annual event of the temple to live right so we can all make this world a better place for everyone.

Change should come from within, where the transformation is in the thoughts and translation is in the resulting action.

Swamiji also spoke about how Sri Rama’s life turning event of going to forests made him experience larger scope of world rather than just the kingdom of Ayodhya! He got to spend time with several sages as well as make friends, keep the world safe from the atrocities of evil people. He spread his horizon and touched hearts of countless beings through the way he lead his life!

Swami expressed his gratitude for inviting him as He got a chance to pay respects to many elders who were preaching about Karma Yoga as part of Gnana Yagnam at Tapovan asram!

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