Lord always showers his grace on us beings. But, we the less fortunate shield ourselves from receiving the bountiful blessings with ignorance and arrogance. The compassionate Lord devices various ways to uplift us and sends acharyas who strive to bring us on to the right path. Our Jeeyar Swamijis are putting all efforts to evolve us and make us understand to do all activities as service to God. To energize us, they conduct several programs. Maha Santhi Sundaram is one such program.

With the mangalasasanams of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, HH Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji has been performing Saptha Sarga Sundarakanda parayana since 476 days for the benefit of all of us. The last 68 days, Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji did the whole Sundarakanda parayana everyday along with saptha sarga parayana. Sampurna Ramayana parayana, go puja, sri suktham parayana, sundarakanda havanam, sri sudarsana homam were also performed everyday.

Today, Sundarakanda homam was concluded withMahapurnahuthi. An elaborate puja was performed to Anjaneya Swamy. He was adorned with a large number of vada garlands made of 50,000 vadas. Later Lord Rama and parivaram were taken in a procession to DivyaSaketha mandapam. All were given srichurnam for the koti kumkuma archana. Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji chanted the sahasranamavali of Sri Mahalakshmi and puja was performed to Saketha Lakshmi offering lotus flowers and kumkum while all devotees chanted srimanthram doing kumkuma archana.

Sri U. Ve. Sriman Rangaramanujacharya Swamy, Sri Devanattha Jeeyar Swamy blessed the crowd with pravachans. “O:mkara Manjusha” a book compiled by Sri U. Ve. Sriman Vijay Raghavan Swamy comprising the details/explanations of O:M KARA found in all scriptures was released by HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. It was released under the JIVA Research and Publications project lead by Sri U. Ve.Sriman Rangaramanujacharya Swamy.

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji speaking on this occasion, explained the meaning of ‘manjusha’. ” ‘Manjusha’ means a box, a mine. Efforts are on to translate the book into English, Telugu and Hindi. There are so many scriptures and efforts should be made to bring them nearer to the people. As part of Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi project, a big library will be set up with original books on our Dharma in all languages.”

HH gave updates on the Sahasrabdi project. So far, 50 crores have been collected and we need 200 crores more for completion of the first phase of the project. In phase 1, Sri Ramanuja idol weighing 120 kgs of gold will be consecrated and 216 feet high statue will be installed in 2017.  HH said that the parayana was performed to the Lord to bless all the bhagawad bandhus with lot of wealth and health , to energise people to become more positive and mentally strong so that they can come forward and contribute for divine causes such as Sahasrabdi project!

Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji did special puja and energized 1 lakh kankanas with special prayers. HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji asked only those people to take kankanas  who are only interested in spreading the message of Ramanujacharya Swamy to 10 people. Whoever wears the kankana will surely get success, said Swamiji.  HH Swamiji asked devotees to just approach and explain the greatness of Ramanujacharya Swamy to people and only take offerings of those who give with love for the project.

11th grader Sreya from New Jersey, USA came for one week to volunteer in the School and College for Blind, Nethra Vidyala in JIVA  and Varija, Visakhapatnam campus. Knowing about the event, she came forward and gave a dance performance as a tribute to the Lord. She and her brother who works for Facebook are the children of dedicated parents Sri Srinivas and Padma Vudata, the treasurer of VT Seva in USA.

HH commended youth volunteers Mr. Shanthan, Mr. Pandya and Mr. Gautham along with their friends for arranging the cricket tournaments with Statue of Equality Cup. A total of 16 teams participated initially. In the second phase, 216 teams will be involved. Sports MD Sri Dinakarbabu lent them support and encouragement.  The following participants were distributed cups and medals:

  • Winners – Madhapur Warriors
  • Runners – SRS Warriors
  • Semi Final List – JB Group pf Education Institutions
  • Raising Stars – OU College
  • Best Bowler – Dhanush
  • Best Batsman – Lestey
  • Man of the Match – Srikanth
  • Emerging Player of Tourney – Niranjan

Samrajya Pattabhishekam was performed to Lord Rama. Sacred waters from Krushna, Godavari and other rivers were brought and sprinkled while chanting Vedic manthras. Lord Rama was decorated with a gem studded crown by HH Swamiji. Auspicious insignia such as umbrellas, mirror, flag, chamara etc were offered to Lord and Mother. After thirttha and prasada distribution, Swamiji sprinkled the holy water on everyone. The program concluded with distribution of vadas by Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji in the temple.

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