MGMs College of Engineering and Technology cordially invited Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji to speak on ‘Human Values in Professional Education’.

Considering the four words in the topic: human, values, professional and education, Swamiji started off with a question on the first word, human.

When can one be called a human being, i.e. what is it that makes a human being unique from any other species on the earth?

We suggest you all as well to think of the answer and write it down before reading further. Are you ready? ????

Here are some reactions from the audience and respective responses from Swamiji at the session :

Human beings can talk, and other beings cannot!

Even a parrot can talk if we can teach it. Can we call this a unique and distinguishing characteristic of a human being?

Human beings have a discriminating power, to know between right and wrong!

How many of you have the habit of drinking coffee or tea? Even a cat refuses to drink when we give it tea or coffee instead of milk, even though we feel that it is an ‘improved’ drink! It is it is unhealthy and in fact spoilt milk! Don’t we know that alcohol is not good for health, aren’t there several people who are just going ahead anyway beginning from the producers to consumers? Are we able to discriminate between right and wrong?

Human beings are Intelligent than other species!

Let’s see. On the 26th of December 2006, Chennai was hit by Tsunami when 2,30,000 people lost their lives, but not a single free animal! Most other species can predict changes of nature with much ahead than us. Unfortunately, some animals living with humans as pets or those that we caged in the city lost their lives, but not a single free animal!

Another example: Did you ever observe a sparrow’s nest. Can we try to construct it ourselves like it does? Forget about constructing a nest like a sparrow does, but can we try untangling it without breaking the pieces used? Aren’t they intelligent, skilful than us when it comes to addressing their needs?

Human beings have a good heart, we care!

Isn’t there so much hatred these days between different religions, sects, nations etc? Aren’t they fighting over supremacy? Are we not feeling jealous with our neighbours? Of course, there are several people who are lending a helping hand to others in need. That needs to be appreciated. But, other animals care for their fellow beings too. This does not make us unique from other species.

Human beings are Supreme, able to travel to moon and more!

Let’s check. First version of modern mic was invented in 1920 and was used in addressing troops during World War!  However, Long ago during Mahabharat war when the armies were much more larger in number, the mechanism used in communicating to troops was different. Also, modern inventions and current life style, be it using plastic, extensive production of materials makes us over-utilise nature. We think we have evolved with technology, but we began meddling with nature for our greed putting our own existence in trouble!

Another kind of example: A weaver from our country gifted queen of England with a 9-yard saree that could fit in a match-box sized box! He was asked to train some of England’s people the same skill. The gift that he and his family in turn received was: his fingers were cut and then he was killed! Imagine the skill and the way it was treated!

Today’s narrow mindset, lifestyle and food habits are the primary causes for deadly diseases like cancer! Can we consider ourselves Supreme?

Let us first learn from the rest of the species on how well they stick to their needs. We can then try to rise up to the level of humans! They work for their survival, not for luxuries! They are not greedy. Even a tiger refuses to eat any animal after its hunger is satiated. They don’t lie or cheat. We earn enough for our life, and still crave for some more money, more luxury – all for the body which does not actually need all that for survival!

However, to answer our initial question: When can one be called a human being, i.e. what is it that makes a human being unique from any other species on the earth?

It is our manas, the king of all senses, which can think beyond the current body. We have the ability to think about the journey of soul and act accordingly. This is what is unique and distinguishes us from all other species.

But, as discussed let’s reach the basic level first and live a simple life, not a greedy life. This will keep our nature intact, giving us a healthier body and peaceful state of mind. We can then pursue our professions with a better conduct and look beyond!

– From the session at MGMs College of Engineering and Technology, by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji!

Swamiji also shared with everyone about how Vedic Wisdom can help nurture humanity in us and how Ramanujacharya, thousand years ago spread that wisdom to everyone without any barriers! It is time to revive that so that we are not driven further down by our ignorance!

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Mahesh B. Pisal
Mahesh B. Pisal

Superb and mind blowing knowledge given by swamiji. Guru teaches the right path in human life, so everyone must have guru and must undestanf & follow the human values in their life span. Heartly Thankful of our MGMCET for giving opportunity to listen and get knowledge from swamiji


I am very much grateful yo swamiji chinajeeyar for accepting our invitation and came to our college and gave an amazing speech which made all of us speechless. Moreover his presence and the way he had taken the session in a different way where no one can imagine. Really we were fortunate to have him in our National conference on Human values in professional education.

KM Ranganathan
KM Ranganathan

HH swamy ji’s explanation to the questions by the audience is wonderful and eyeopener.

Vithal Rd
Vithal Rd

Jai SrimanNarayana!
Wonderful explanation by HH Swamiji!