Lord Narasimha - Jayanthi

HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamij’s Message on eve of Narasimha Jayanthi

Lord appears on the earth to save His devotees. A true devotee is one who believes that Lord exists in all sentient and non-sentient beings. He is so attached to the Lord that he cannot bear even a moment separation from Him. And, if at all he is separated from the Lord even for a few seconds, he feels that he has been separated for yugas. Such devotees are very dear to the Lord. Lord cannot bear if any one hurts them. To save such devotees, He doesn’t even think for a moment and incarnates on earth to save them.
The demon Hiranyakasipu was tormenting Prahlada as he never stopped believing in Lord Hari. Prahlada never complained inspite of the atrocities committed by his father. Frustrated, Hiranyakasipu challenged Prahlada about the existence of God. Prahlada replied that Lord existed everywhere. To test His presence, Hiranyakasipu broke the pillar to see if Lord was inside the pillar. And lo! The Lord appeared from the pillar as Narasimha.
Scholars described the appearance of the Lord very beautifully. The Lord’s eyes were bright red in anger thinking about the difficulties the demon put his beloved son through. The eyebrow he raised in anger crossed the horizon of this Universe. The flames of His anger were enough to destroy the demon.
As Hiranyakasipu was blessed by Bramha with boons which protected him from death, Lord used the loopholes in the boons granted to him to kill him. Hence, He incarnated in twilight time, neither inside or outside the house, used weapons which had neither life nor were lifeless.
His 10 nails on fingers and 10 nails on feet were eager to slay Hiranyakasipu. It was as if the nails were famished just like the 100 people who were thrown in a dungeon and a handful of morsels were thrown once every day. They fought among themselves to survive and finally only one of them survived. He was Sakuni.
Similarly the starved nails were fighting among themselves trying to grab a chance to kill Hiranyakasipu, who was like a mustard seed in size when compared to the size of the Lord’s nails. There was competition among the thumb nails. Firstly, the right thumb nail claimed its right to kill him. But, the left thumb nail said, ‘Why use right hand thumb nail when I am more than enough to kill him’. Then the thumb nails of the feet said, ‘Why use hands as if he were an important person, when our mere touch is enough to destroy him’. The pinky finger nail on the left feet became grumpy and said, ‘All of you are too qualified. I can vanquish him with no effort at all’. Thus the strength of Lord Narasimha was incomprehensible.
When Ravana went to Rasa:thalam to meet Bali, he felt that the gatekeeper of Rasa:thalam was very intimidating. He stealthily creeped into the city thinking that the gatekeeper did not notice him. But, the gatekeeper saw him going and did not stop him. Ravana greeted his grandpa Bali and sat on his thigh. He said, ’Grandpa, I feel very sorry for you. That Sri Hari deceived you and pushed you underground. I will free you from this prison. I am currently going round the world defeating the weak. I will fight with Sri Hari and grant you freedom again.”
Hearing Ravana’s words, Bali smiled and said, “Dear boy! I am very proud of you. Now, do you see that ring placed there? Why don’t you go and bring it?”
It was a huge gigantic ring. Ravana tried to move it but was unsuccessful. He tried hard but the ring did not budge. Bali then told Ravana, “It was one of the earrings worn by Hiranyakasipu. That Hiranyakasipu was killed by mere nails of the lord. Now do you think you can fight with Vishnu? My grandfather was unaware of His strength and lost his life. It is only because of His grace that I surrendered to Him and am ruling rasathalam. Ravana, you are a mere weakling before Vishnu. ” Thus Lord Narasimha appeared as a wonderful ‘kesari’ out of compassion to save Prahlada and to keep His vow.
Let that Lord Narasimha bless us with strength to raise our voice and fight when harm is being done to our Vedic systems and beliefs.

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