Everyday we begin our routines driven by desires. These desires could be to win a lottery or a grand slam, become a billionaire or marry the one you love, or earn to eat and be happy, or earn fame and popularity. All such desires aim to fulfill pleasures sought by five senses (see, hear, touch, taste, smell) to keep the heart (king of senses) happy. 

It’s great to follow our dreams to fulfil a good desire, and work hard to achieve them. But, it is important to be conscious of the nature of a desire

Neeti Sastram says, Trushna: khanihi aga:dhe:yam dushpuraa ke:na pu:ryate:

These desires are like pits whose depth cannot be filled. Whatever we use to fulfil the desire will in fact deepen it. The more you fulfil the desire, the more you will crave for the same. The less you fulfil it, the less you will be bothered by it. 

Initially, we may feel like we are hurting ourselves when we don’t satisfy a desire. The reason is we love our senses. We want to keep them happy. What we must not forget is that they will never be fully happy. We will need to constantly work towards keeping them happy one day after another, one year after another, and one life after another.

Is this how we want to live?

e:vam pravarthitham chakram
na:nuvarthayathi: ha yaha |
agha:yur indriya: ra:mo:
mo:gham pa:rttha! sa ji:vathi ||
Verse 16, Chapter 3, Bhagavad Githa

Krishna says one must enrich the thought process during any activity that one takes up. As we know, a desire leads one into performing a set of activities. Each such activity remains a karma until one transforms it into a Yajna. This Yajna is the hub of a wheel/cycle (chakram), running on a pre-defined path. Anyone who takes birth on this Earth are driven by the mechanics of this cycle. When one abides by this cycle, their life becomes worthy. They will have a positive contribution to the systematic running of life on the Earth. (like that of Rama rajyam – when people lived happily in peace and joy).

Those who do not transform their karma to a Yajna will continue to live. They may be relishing the fruits of a fulfilled desire temporarily; but each such karma gets added to their backlog. That will hold them in different bodies one after another (not necessarily human body), depending on the type and volume of karma acquired. They will not only be a burden to themselves, but also to the system of existence on the Earth. (like that of Kali kaalam – a time when people have chaotic life conditions, such as untimely deaths, horrible diseases, undesirable atmospheric conditions to live with, lack of rains at right times for proper yields, unethical and immoral practices etc)

Transforming Karma to Yajna!? How can we do it?

➣ Realize every being in three levels:

  • Aadi Bhouthika (visible physical aspect, ex: Fire)
  • Aadi Daivika (underlying divine energy, ex: Fire God, Agni Devatha)
  • Aadi Athmika (source and controller of the entire existence, ex: Fire gets its ability to glow and burn from God Himself, the compassionate Lord Srimannarayana)

Fire is an example, but it can be anything or anyone. Example: Your neighbor is to be seen in complete [his physical body, underlying soul (himself), and the indwelling source of life (God)]. The indwelling source of life is the same for everyone. This is what unites us all.

➣ With this realization, every activity/karma will automatically transform to Yajna because we stay in-tune and in service of the ultimate source and recipient of the existence, God.

We will no longer hurt anyone, or be greedy. We will no longer be able to watch someone suffer. We will react and respond righteously in service of God. There will then be Peace and Joy for everyone! Viswa Santhi – as scriptures state, loka:h samastha: sukhinobhavantu!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 13 th November 2019 to 18 th November 2019
– Viswa Santhi Sri: Ya:gam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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