2nd Nov 2016

Sasthra Ratnakara Sri U.Ve. Smn. Dr. S.V. Rangaramanujacharya Swami has written a wonderful book called NEELA MADHAVAM recently. It was released by HH Swamiji on 2.11.2016 during days of HH Swamiji 60th Tirunakshatram Celebrations. It was dedicated to a great saint Paramapada Vaasi HH Lakshmana Yathindra Swamiji.

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
HH Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji
HH Vrathadhara Jeeyar Swamiji
HH Devanatha Jeeyar Swamiji
Smn. Seetharamacharya Swami(Disciple of Lakshmana Yathindra Swami)
Dr. S.V. Rangaramanujacharya Swami
Dr. Kovela Prapannacharya Swami
Dr. Bethavelu Ramabrahmam Garu
Smn. Addanki Srinivas garu 
and manymore and came and appreciated the beauty of NEELA MADHAVAM.

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