We see some people who are proud of their possessions, contributions, education, beauty, achievements and other accolades. For example, expressions include “I am proud of you, my son!”, “I am proud of my sister for having secured 1st in AIIMS”, “I am proud of myself for organising free medical camp”, “I am proud of being a Brahmin”, “I am proud of winning the beauty contest”, “I am proud of being a millionaire”, “I am proud of visiting famous places during my vacations” etc.

Is being proud of such things a good quality for people to have?  It is! However, there is a catch!

Krishna explains in Bhagavad Gita

ama:nithwam adambhithwam
ahimsa: ksha:nthir a:rjavam|
a:cha:ryo:pa:sanam saucham
stthairyam a:thma vinigrahaha||  

– Chapter 13: Kshe:thra kshe:thrajna vibha:ga yo:gaha

The first word “ama:nithwam” is the first quality, humbleness, that each one of us must possess. Humbleness and Pride are conflicting qualities. 

So, how can we be humble and yet feel proud?

Let’s first segregate the above items that we feel proud of into two categories.

The first category includes the attributes acquired or inherited by birth. Examples are wealth, family (caste/surname etc.), skin color, beauty, intellect etc.  These are not things you earned or attained. You did not choose to be part of a family, or have a certain skin color.  These are given.

The second category includes possessions or contributions earned through hard work during your lifetime.  If we reflect with a clean mind, we will notice that none of these would have become possible without the guidance of many people and the life-supporting nature. Those important people and surrounding environment are not created by you. They are also given.  There could be several things that could have blocked you from achieving what you have.  For example: a theft, an accident, loss of memory etc. might be an impediment. Thus, someone or something has been supporting you in getting you where you are now. Lack of impediments has also supported you!

Be proud of that Supreme power who has given you intellect, beauty, family, wealth and everything else supporting you so far.  This pride must not demean anyone, because each one is uniquely blessed for a special purpose. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God. 

This realization makes us humble toward that Supreme power.

What is the next step?

The heart is in beautiful state, filled with humility yet with a sense of pride to be compassionately supported of that supreme power, God.  The next step is to think about the purpose of all that you possess. If God has given something to you, there must be some highly meaningful purpose. 

You have a role to play with utilising what has been given to you. This is as role you must play very well with a solid foundation of five-fold wisdom in place.

If you are the chairman of TTD, your role is to ensure that services to God, Sri Venkateswara Swami are carried out as per authorized scriptures –  to make sure donations received are utilised for righteous deeds. The temple works towards publishing books authored from proper sources for spreading wisdom. Analyse ways to implement the system in a way that Sri Venkateswara Swami is reachable to everyone without parity.  Ensure that any malpractices are curbed to sustain a divine environment for all.

Each one of us have several roles to play. Let us all carry out all our responsibilities with humility and be proud of what is given to us by God only to utilize it for the appropriate purposes.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 19th Feb 2020, Arthamuru, Rajamahendri
– Felicitation ceremony of TTD Chairman,
– Sri Subba Reddy Garu

Addressing the gathered politicians, Swamiji said, “We do not know any magic tricks, yantras or tantras – we simply know how to make a sincere prayer. Whenever there is an opportunity, we discuss and share what we have learned about the nature of existence, self, and God with those who are keen to know the truths of life. 

Whenever and wherever there is a need and we have an opportunity to serve, we try to provide sustainable solutions to the problems in neglected areas (https://vtsbharath.org/).

We, along with all the Vedic community have always prayed and will continue to pray that people with good intentions to support the society get the strength necessary to carry out their activities.”

Swamiji added, “Today, we feel elated for being in Arthamuru (Swamiji’s place of birth). We are pleased by the heart-warming welcome from the old and young, men and women.  We feel amma-vadi (mother’s lap) in this place. 

Janani Janma Bhumischa.. Swargadapi Gareeyasi”

Swamiji offered mangalasasanams, blessings to Paparayudu ji for organising the event. HH also offered mangalasasanams to Swarnamma, w/o Subba Reddy ji for her devotion and drive to take part in serving Sri Venkateswara Swami. Swamiji expressed that he noticed the same zeal in Subba Reddy garu and blessed him for doing justice to the role he has taken as TTD Chairman.