The periodic table lists more than a hundred known elements and their corresponding symbols. Among them, one of the most familiar elements is Oxygen. It is commonly known in its safe form as O2. There are a few essential attributes of the gas which make it unique.

Example: a cow (the pure, natural Indian breed) is identified by its hump and hanging skin under its neck. Oxygen is identified by its properties such as: atomic number, its colorless, odorless state and its use in respiration by plants and animals.

What about human beings? If one needs to be qualified and identified as human being, are there any essential properties/qualities/characteristics? What symbol can you assign to human being in the “super periodic table”?!

Let’s quickly look through a list of activities that ONLY a human being does:

  • Cooking food to eat 
  • Dressing up (by ourselves) – pets are dressed these day, but they are dressed up by owners
  • Speaking lies – unfortunately, true
  • Being greedy – same as above!

These are just a few examples, but are these really what identify the essential traits of a human being?! Hopefully not! There must be something positive and more purposeful that make human beings (us) unique. Pause and think…!

As human beings, we have the unique or essential ability to ‘Realize and Respond”, Therefore, we can be given a symbol: R2

What is the realization and what is the response that we are talking about in this context? Let’s take an example: “a pen is an object used for writing”. Can this be called realisation? Not really, it is a piece of information. It cannot be termed realization.

Realization here involves five-fold wisdom [BODY : FAMILY : SOCIETY : NATURE : GOD].

Oxygen is O2, Man is.png!
Oxygen is O2, Man is !!

Every activity we do must satisfy all five-levels, as a response to realizing them appropriately. For example: our response to the body must not contradict with our responsibility of family. Our response to God must not contradict with our responsibility to the nature. All five are very critical to us (the soul) living in the body. The current body is our personal vehicle. With the help of this vehicle, we conduct with family, society and nature in the ways recommended. Because, they are all parts of a bigger whole that we are also part of. God is the driving force of that whole. For the sake of one part, we must not lose the essence of the whole!

This kind of realization can be visualized as the invisible support system of the tree, the roots. The corresponding response will then be the visible structure of the tree. If our realization is strong, the corresponding response will groom into a beautiful tree with fragrant flowers (the attitude with which we conduct with others) and tasty fruits (the activities we take up in life). If everyone realizes this, there will be no need to fight for supremacy of one religion over another, one sect over another, one gender over another etc. 

We will then ‘Worship our own, and Respect all’. We will then be able to ‘Serve all beings as service to God’

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– October 21 st 2019, Hotel Daspalla

Oxygen is O2, Man is

A group of Company Secretaries and Charted Accountants lead by Sriman Vasudeva Rao Devaki has organized this event at Daspalla Hotels, Hyderabad. Objective for conducting this session is to recognize the yeoman services rendered by Vikasa Tarangini and introduce Vikasa Tarangini and their team to professional community and leaders of Companies that they provide services to.

At this conference, Swamiji addressed hundreds of CSs, CAs, CEOs, CFOs, and all other enthusiasts on this beautiful topic: Oxygen = O2, Human =? Everyone enjoyed the discourse Swamiji gave.

Everyday Swamiji inspires all those who approach Him to realize and respond. The result of that inspiration has spread its wings and took form of Vikasa Tarangini, a service organization running under the aegis of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. More than 50 lakh families have been served by the volunteers of Vikasa Tarangini through their projects. ‘responsible and caring service’ coupled with ‘near zero management costs’ makes Vikasa Tarangini unique in what it does.

Oxygen is O2, Man is

Vikasa Tarangini president, Sriman Ramesh Gupta ji and several other team leaders graced the occasion. Netra Vidyalaya students team, Gosala products team and the Innovative Value-based Science labs project team members have all impressed all the audience with their extra-ordinary traits.

Oxygen is O2, Man is
Oxygen is O2, Man is