Ra:ga:njali – A Musical in USA

With the blessings of HH Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, for the first time in the history, Ra:ga:njali, a musical tribute to Ra:ma:nuja will be conducted as part of the celebrations of Ra:manuja’s 1000 year birthday celebrations. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in the millennium celebrations and learn the melodious and heart-warming songs of Ra:ma:nuja, a wonderful tribute to his unparalleled kindness and equality.The songs are written by Sri Kari Narayana in telugu, and composed melodiously by Sri Ramachari, a renowned music director and teacher.

A few reasons to participate in Ra:ga:njali

  • A rare opportunity to sing with 1000 singers
  • Learn and sing Sa:mprada:yam songs
  • Promote Ra:ma:nuja’s message of equality
  • Opportunity to promote your music school
  • Once in a lifetime opportunity of Ra:ma:nuja’s millenuim celebrations
  • Increase the vaibhavam of A:charya
  • Paying reverence to Ra:ma:nuja

Call for action: All are welcome to participate in this wonderful opportunity to learn and sing in the millennium celebrations along with 1000 other singers.

For More Information Contact :

Sruthi Samudrala
Phone : 508-333-6492
Email : sruthiramanujadasi@gmail.com

Vijaya Allakki
Phone : 609-750-1143
Email : vijaya.allakki@gmail.com