Sri Rama Paduka Review meeting conducted at Gatlanarasingapur(V) Bheemadhevarapalli (M). Meeting conducted by Srimathi Vanaja Bhaskar Rao. She invited 11 Mandals Zptc, Mpp, Mptc, Sarpanches and village people to tell them about the Rama paduka pattabhishekam program. Vt Central Committee Organizer Sriman Bhavani Prasad, Purushotham Rao and Dist Vt Members Ch.Ayodya Rama Rao, K.Devendar Rao, N.Ramana Charyulu, S.Prabhakar Rao, P.Ravinder Rao, Ch.Vijaya, G.Leela Kumari attented the meeting.

“Taste the divine nectar you never crave for anything else… Experience the divine nectar from Lotus feet of LORD” – HH CHINNA JEEYAR.

By quoting the message of HH and importance of this program and intention of HH i.e., everyone should take part in these divine program and experience the divine from the feet of Rama.

Srirama – “Ramaynchu Vaadhu” he is the most admirable the lovable one. So every one should get blessing from Rama Chandra and taste the divine by all of us.



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