Although surrendering to Supreme is easier than surrendering to his Devotees, let’s see what actually is better!?

We all know the episode in Srimad Ramayanam when Sugreeva and Vali began to fight and Rama was supposed to help Sugreeva. Rama did not help him, and watched Sugreeva get beaten up by his powerful brother Vali. When Sugreeva returned to Rama, He explained to Sugreeva that he could not make out the difference between the two brothers and so he chose not to try shooting against anyone. Rama asked Sugreeva to bend down and be adorned with a garland by Lakshamana so that he knows who is who even from a longer distance!

Our scholars show this as an example event signifying the importance of being respectful to devotees of Lord. In fact, when Rama and Lakshmana came to first meet Sugreeva, He only garlanded Rama but ignored Lakshama. So, Rama wanted to show Sugreeva how important it is to recognise co-beings as equal and also how important it is to pay respects to anyone without discrimination based on superiority. Vedic scholars and devotees have always felt so thankful to the devotees of Lord because it is through them that the divine nectar filled qualities of Lord are known. Lord also feels alive through the beautiful expressions of love for him by the devotees. So, if a devotee owns you – then you can consider being in safe hands!

Devotees of Karimnagar invited Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami as they all gathered to prostrate before the lotus feet of their Acharya with gratitude for showering great words of wisdom for years and years! They all gathered to perform a prayer to Sri Rama Parivar, recognising how Bharatha, Lakshma, Satrugna and all other devotees of Rama are equivalent to his Padukas and thereby offering prayers to His Padukas. The prayer is termed as Rama PadukaPattabhishekam!

The evening of 24th was a grand welcome to Swami with bhajans from hundreds of devotees followed by the prayer on the 25th morning. Local MLA Gangula Kamalakarji, Sriman Dollar Seshadri participated in the event. Karimnagar VikasaTarangini team were thankful to Swami for presiding over the event and they were all inspired to work for society and themselves with more power!

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