Power of Veda Mantras

Do you all remember those days when Ramayan was telecasted every Sunday at 9:30am? Some people used to lit up a diya, and break a coconut at the end of the show every Sunday to take away the evil

Ravan Fails – Hanuma Succeeds

Lakshman was combating with Ravan on the battle-field. After a while, he collapsed and fell unconscious. Ravan wished to take Lakshman’s unconscious body to his kingdom. So, he tried to carry him. But he could not move Lakshman even

JIVA campus celebrates 73rd Independence Day

Patriotism when read in the thought of spirituality is defined that the world is one family. And thus patriotism takes a bigger form and would not just mean just love for your own country. Patriotism would now mean love

Got a query about life? Ramayana is your Google!

‘Narendra Modi ji on Article 370’ or ‘best schools in Hyderabad’ or ‘first President of China’ or ‘Roman civilization’ or ‘how do I crack my NEET exam’ or ‘quick veg lunch recipes’ or ‘percentage of oxygen levels in Stratosphere’