Two hundred math teachers of Government High Schools gathered in the JIVA asram for a Workshop on Mathematics. The President of Rangareddy district’s Telengana Ganitha Forum, Sri K. Srinivas Reddy Garu and Correspondent Yadayya Garu lead the workshop.

In this workshop, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami took an example from Srimad Ramayanam on the count of vanaras who have come in support of Sri Rama to bring back Sitha Devi from the custody of Ravana. The scripture actually counts and names the number of vanaras which we would refer to as ‘countless’ in our books these days. Swami explained terms like sahasramu(3 zeros after 1), ayuthamu(5 zeros after 1), koti(7 zeros after 1), sankhamu (12), maha sankhamu (17), brundamu(22), maha brundamu(27), padmamu(32), maha padmamu(37), kharvamu(42), maha kharvamu(47), samudramu(52), maha samudramu(57), oghamu(62), mahowghamu(67)! All the teachers were so happy to learn these facts and took notes to share with their students. There is so much our ancestors have given us. Swamiji always advises everyone to spend some time everyday to go through the scriptures and become learned!

Math teacher from Warangal named Ramesh Garu later talked about ideas on projects with numbers, conducting the project show events, creativity, quizzes and questioning children in multiple formats etc.

ZPHS students sang a really creative song on numbers written by Narva Ganesh Kumar, another Math teacher. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants

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