Twin Cities Vikasatarangini heads, secretaries and members gathered at Divya Saketham on July 3 2018 and arranged a meeting with Sri HH Devanath Jeeyar Swamiji to discuss and take guidance from Sri Swamiji about a weekly sathsang project. The VT members proposed to conduct weekly sathsang in every VT colony in the city, and the sathsang shall be attended and supervised by VT Committee members of that branch. The details of the sathsang shall be let known through Smt. Vanaja Chalapathi Rao garu. HH Sri Swamiji was very happy with the program and gave His Mangalasasanams and support for the program.

The following are some of the places where the Sathsang was initiated in Twin Cities:

  • Santosh Nagar – Supervisors: Bharathi, Vamsi
  • Kompalli: Supervisors: Dr. B. Pandurangarao
  • Masab Tank: Supervisors – S.B. Ranganayaki
  • Habsiguda: Supervisors – Sriman Amba Prasad
  • Gudimalkapur: Supervisors – Smt. Ranganayaki
  • Attapur: Supervisor – Smt. Ranganayaki
  • Alwal: Supervisor – Sri. Pandurangarao
  • Satavahana Nagar: Supervisor – Smt. Vanaja Chalapathi Rao
  • Miyapur  – Supervisor – Smt. Vanaja Chalapathi Rao

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