Most of us these days are busy in making a living. There are a few others who lend a helping hand where needed, donate hard-earned money for supporting the less fortunate. Although the percentage of time spent, or money donated on such activities varies from one to another – a question will arise at some point during the life time – ‘Is this it? Is this the purpose of life?’

Scriptures can help us in such aspects and shape our life to its best! It is said that life becomes beautiful when we know the purpose and way to lead it rather than simply leading it. Just like the difference between ‘merely biting a fruit as soon as you buy it’ compared to ‘washing our hands, washing the fruit, wiping it, slicing it, being grateful towards the tree, going one step further and being grateful to the creator, utilising the strength obtained by having the fruit for right cause’ etc.

One may think that it is too much to do just for having a slice of fruit. That was a small example. But, the perception with which one performs a task completes it and leaves one with no burden/karma! Now that we understand we can make our life more purposeful and less burdensome with the help of knowledge given in the scriptures, let’s see what it says.

Paararadhyam swam sruthi satha sira siddha madhyapayanti..

The word Paarardhyam is said to be the essence of Vedic literature.

Sruthi means Vedic literature. Vedas mean knowledge (the complete source of all knowledge). Sira means ‘the head’, meaning the most important part. Vedic literature regards ‘Parardhyam’ as the most beautiful and important aspect (just like the head in a human body).

Adhyapayanthi means teacher. Goda Devi taught us the essence of Vedic literature – Paarardhyam.

What is Paarardhyam? It means, ‘to live for the sake of others’. But why? What happens when one leads life for the sake of others, is there any benefit to us in the end?

This word is like the tip of an ice-berg which opens so many questions. One needs to know how to do this activity, the parardhyam. Is it simply giving away everything or going to non-profit/service organisations and spending money and time? Or is there any intellect/knowledge one needs to have while leading the life this way? Certainly, there is the knowledge base – the foundation on which the life is to be lead (karma with the foundation of true jnana).

Goda Devi’s Thiruppavai prepares one with this foundation – a tender heart based on a true and steady intellect.

It tells us what we are, what is the purpose of this body that is given to us, the means to achieve the purpose, the obstacles, the way to remove the obstacles in our path. What else can we ask for!? That is why it is sung in gratitude everyday by all priests, scholars, real seekers of knowledge from far and near across the world, beginning with the temples of Sri Rangam and Thirumala.

This beautiful foundation is given as Thiruppavai, 30 poems written by our beloved lady saviour, Goda Devi!

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