Here’s an excerpt of Swamiji’s address to lakhs of people who attended Siva Parvathi Kalyana Mahotsavam at Karnool during the event organised by heads of TV5 and Hindu Dharmam.

In the month of kartheekam, we see many groups of people gathering under the shade of trees, eating and playing. What brings them together? We also see lighting of diya (deepam) in the temples and at homes every day during this month. Why do people follow this practice?

To be honest, one may ask – do we need a reason for everything? Why can’t we just have fun and not worry about why we do certain things…?

When we know the reason behind a practice, it allows us to follow the practice with much more passion. Otherwise, it becomes only a physical activity. However, it is absolutely wrong to leave the practice because you do not know the reason behind it. Continue to follow the practices and someday God will certainly furnish you with the source of its knowledge.

Let’s share the wisdom spread by rushis on the significance of feasting in forests and lighting of diyas during this month.

The thejas, one of whose forms is fire (agni), exists naturally in trees. So, we all gather under the shade of trees and celebrate the power of thejas by cooking, eating, playing etc. It is the thejas that brings out the energy from within us.

Agram nayathi ithi agnihi – One that elevates us from an existing state to a higher state is called Agni, the tejas.

Sriyam icheth husanaa:th – One who wishes for prosperity of any kind, worship the Agni devatha

Now, when it comes to lighting diya at homes and in temples allows one to offer prayers through agni to the Supreme power.

అగ్నే! నయ సుపథా రాయే అస్మాన్ విశ్వాని దేవ వయునాని విద్వాన్ |

యుయోధ్యస్మజ్జుహురాన నో భూయిష్టాంతే నమ ఉక్తిం విధేమ ||

Summary of the prayer: Oh Agni, please move me in right direction to attain good prosperity and wealth. Let me join everyone in this endeavour. My own intellect can become an obstacle in this path. I may perceive a wrong thought as a right one, help me in such cases and walk me in the right path for all kinds of prosperity.

The above prayer is to be said with not only your head bowed down, but with no arrogance (arrogance is the feeling that any prosperity is achieved just through your efforts and NOT any one else’s co-operation including the powers of devatha and the internal supreme power)

Can we all bow down our heads arrogance free and pray that the entire existence survives a graceful and glorious power to help lead a peaceful life here and to attain the true blissful state after the current life?

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami

– Karnool, 5th December 2018

– TV5 and Hindu Dharmam organised Deepotsavam / Siva Parvathi Kalyanam

Swami shared a memory that he recollected from the year of 1996 at Karnool when an SP said, ‘Swamiji, from the past few days during the Thungabadhra Pushkarams, we are happy because the crime rate has gone down. People are busy in prayers and a positive energy in everyone to enhance their abilities and correct themselves from wrong doings is clearly visible’

Swamiji added, ‘It is that visible change in each of us that a prayer can yield. Let us focus on that change internally which reflects when we collaborate with each other in the day to day activities. Let our intellect work efficiently to choose good leaders and have a happy journey serving God in all forms and means!’

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