The Veda Patashala at Veda Bhavan celebrated Varshikothsvam on September 2nd. The program was started with Jyothi Prajwalana and Shanthi Mantram with all the Chief Guests.

JET President K.Goutham Rao garu distributed the Vedic School Nivedika (Report) to all the members present at the event.

The Students performed on the two important parts of Bhagavad Ramanuja Jivitha charithra which are Mokshapradanam and Mantropadesham.

The Donors of veda Bhavanam ie; from 1996 – 2018 (who have been donating ever since the start of Veda Patashala) were felicitated.

Chief Guests of the event :

Raj Kumar Tehsildar Karimnagar , Srinivas Tehsildar Vemulawada , Komal Reddy superintendent Collectorate Karimnagar , T.Sri Hari Reddy(Rtd Tehisildar)

VT Central Commitee members – Padmanabha Rao , Bal Kishan Rao. Ch Ayodhya rama Rao , Dr Jaganath Reddy , BV Rao , Vedic Guruji’s and all VT members attended the event.

The event concluded with Thadhiyaradhana.