We know that a Yagnam involves several intricacies, a procedure, and the support from ruthwiks. This is one type of Yagnam performed by some people who are trained in the procedure. What about all of us? How do we get the benefit of performing a Yagnam?

There is one Yagnam that we can all do at all times!

We are here because of God’s will. We are able to work, think, and experience any emotion because of God’s strength that is keeping us alive. If He leaves this body, we cannot think or act – we cannot interact, or do any activity. Believing in this fact and trusting His will every minute of your day is the Yagnam that you can do. In fact, it is the Yagnam that you should do !

Example – As a mother, you will need to take constant care of your children – Serve them with Love because they are a beautiful and a different reflection of the same God who is within you. As an employee, the sincerity with which you do your duty becomes a service to God.

Ultimately, this continuous feel for God becomes a way of life – burning the impacts of any bad karma and God’s compassion lets you feel the state of bliss.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami on the event of Ratha Sapthami, on 24th Jan 2018

You may think – Isn’t He compassionate enough to forgive any mistakes without making us suffer? – Watch our space, Lots of these questions as answered by Swamiji will be shared with you all soon..!