10th Class Achievers Motivation Camp on Mar 14th, 2016

The camp for  10th class students ended today. His Holiness congratulated all the students for their sincere effort in spending their valuable time (21 days) at SriRamnagaram asramam leaving their parents back home. Many of the students expressed their gratitude towards Swamiji for teaching such valuable lessons during their stay. The speaking  ability of the students on the dias was excellent and Swamiji appreciated that even people with Masters degree wouldn’t be able to speak such eloquently. 

Swamiji narrated a story about a disciple from our scriptures. Astonished at his talent, when questioned who his Guru was, the pupil said he had 24 gurus .One of them was moon who shows his pleasant qualities cutting himself down in size everyday. God revives the moon back again with all the qualities in full as he keeps sharing them. Sharing is what was learnt by the disciple from the moon.

Swamiji spent his valuable time with all the students. The students thanked all the teachers and HH once again for giving them this wonderful opportunity and enabling them to learn in such a peaceful atmosphere.