JIVA, Ramanagaram conducted study camp for 10th class students from Feb 1st 2019 under the blessing of HH Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.

200 Students from Shandnagar and Shamshabad division which includes 35 Govt high schools have attended this program and lasted for a month. On the first day Swamiji had spoken to the children about “Education and dignity”. He said refining the knowledge would help a person to lead a dignified life.
During their stay Swamiji taught many new things and taught the meaning of slokas on Ayurvrudhi(longevity) and Ayuksheenam(reduction in longevity) to the children.

In the camp children were taught to do Yoga and jogging in the early hours. During the day time children were taught on different topics and made them practice. Students learned subject by experimenting the topic.

Discipline was the key factor in the camp. GHMS teachers had also played a key role in giving suggestions in the progress of the children during the camp.

Teachers and students have thanked Srimati Sridevi garu and Sriman Dinesh garu who stood as a backbone for this camp.

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