We are proud to announce that our Jiva Vedic students performed extremely well in SSC/ Xth grade and passed with flying colors in Board examinations for the academic year 2014-2015.

This was only possible with your support and encouragement. We thank all the teachers, staff, parent volunteers for contributing their valuable time and effort in moulding our students into model citizens of the country.  We would also like to thank the donors, supporters and well-wishers. Thanks to all of you, we will continue to increase our efforts and increase our services to the down-trodden communities.



Pudathu Nithish Kumar 8.8
Kerapatla Raghuvardhan 8.8
Chakravartula Venkata Raghu Pungava 8.5
Vakulabharanam Vineeth Kumar 7.5
Kerapatla Bharath Kumar 7.0