Priya Bhagavad Bandhu,

Jai Sri:manna:ra:yana!

As you are aware, we are currently in the Sahasra:bdi year of our great Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya Swamy, whose soft, compassionate heart and strong, sharp intellect has been guiding generations for centuries on the proper Ve:dic path. He brought us closer to the Lord by initiating us into the proper worship of His archa form. He reformed our communities by reorganizing the temple as the meaningful center for personal, social, and spiritual enrichment. He nurtured the health of our Ve:dic heritage and freely disseminated knowledge to uplift us and future generations out of our ignorance.
We are particularly fortunate that we at present are in the time period wherein falls Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya Swamy’s 1000th year. Neither our past nor future generations have been presented with this unique opportunity to do something historic to grandly commemorate such a benevolent, venerated A:cha:rya. We should all come together to fittingly celebrate his mission and thus strive to serve him lovingly.
Sri: Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya Swamy understood the significance of protecting prama:nam, prame:yam, and prama:thas in protecting the heritage. He ensured the right comprehension of the prama:nam through his works on the Ve:da:ntha and more. He graced us with prama:thas to guard the samprada:yam through the a:cha:rya parampara so that we could appreciate the prame:yam by properly understanding the prama:nam. It is now our responsibility to pass these on to the future generations.
It is incumbent upon us to protect the divyade:sams, abhima:nastthalams, and other temples and do mangala:sa:sanam to the Lord Who has come for us in those places. Thus, we protect the prame:yam. We have to produce prama:thas by having the next generation learn our heritage and love the Lord. They will properly care for the prama:nam for the future generations.
Invaders understood that keeping alive these three will ensure the continued existence of our Ve:dic culture. It is no wonder that these invaders tried to destroy them, especially the prama:thas. Staunchly loyal stalwarts like Pillai Lo:ka:cha:rya Swamy and Ve:da:ntha De:sika Swamy with their extraordinary efforts kept our prama:nas alive through their commentaries and shaped up many prama:thas to guard and spread them in the society. We owe our heritage to them.
However, in the present day, we find fewer and fewer prama:thas. Negligence towards our samprada:yam is becoming commonplace. It is crucial to address this. Without a strong foundation of prama:thas, it is hard to keep prama:nam and prame:yam relevant to the society. Irrelevant, meaningless practices devalue our rich heritage and make us culturally bankrupt.
Sri: Ra:ma:nuja:charya Swamy anticipated and addressed this issue by appointing 74 simha:sana:dhipathis to protect the samprada:yam. He presented to his society 700 Jeeyars and 12000 Sri: Vaishnava scholars and innumerable women with strong roots in this culture. Families of Ra:ma:nuja:charya Swamy’s gurus and families of Ra:ma:nuja:charya Swamy’s disciples were countless. He revived the Sri: Vaishnava spirit. The sun of the Ve:dic heritage was brilliant at his time. Now, all of that is in the danger of being a mere memory. The time has come for us to come together and join hands in this common mission of our A:cha:rya—to reestablish the glory of our heritage, to make true the words of our a:zhwar that predicted great times when Sri: Vaishnavas will rule the earth.
Our faith is strong that Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya Swamy’s charana sannidhi and divine name have that power to revive the glory of our heritage. We will be at Sri: Rangam, the place most associated with the A:cha:rya, praying for that revival. Such a prayer will certainly quicken A:cha:rya anugraham. There are many families of his gurus, disciples, and scholars still living in that city. This calls for 2 things: 1. Recognize and honor these families 2. Proudly recollect the roles and functions that Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya Swamy has given the a:cha:ryapurushas of these families and make sure that we pass on that precious heritage to the next generation. These two, we must all do together for our A:cha:rya.
We invite all those who appreciate any sambandham with Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya Swamy to gather together under the name of Sri: Vaishnava Sango:shti at Sri: Rangam from 14 t o 16 October 2016 to rejuvenate ourselves and humbly offer our gratitude to the A:cha:rya. With all such eager ones, we wish to do the parikrama to the Lord and His pariva:ram at the Rangana:ttha temple and pray together for the continued grace of Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya Swamy.
Let us join in the parikrama and reaffirm our commitment to the a:cha:rya samprada:yam after getting mangala:sa:sanam from the a:cha:ryapurushas. We offer our mangala:sa:sanam for Peruma:l and the go:shtti.

Ra:ma:nuja:rya divya:jna vardhatha:m abhivardhatha:m

Jai Sri:manna:ra:yana!


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