What makes him special is the fact that ‘His life is a complete practical example for the theoretical divine giant, The Bhagavad Geeta!’

You can take any instance in his life, the decisions he took or the way he conducted himself did not deviate in any way from what Bhagavad Geeta preaches. We may not understand the intricacies of why he took certain decisions, but it was nothing but right – Listen to Sri Swamiji’s discourses of Ramayana Tarangini to know more!

Out of several great characteristics, let us recollect how well he dealt with his father’s decision to be sent out for exile when he was actually preparing himself for coronation.

How exactly did he deal with it internally? Whatever physical response or reaction was necessary, he did it. But, mentally he remained stable. He did not let his heart suffer or excite by the outcomes in life. The same is explained in the second chapter of Bhagavad Geeta, about Sthithaprajnatha

But, is it possible and practical that one can really remain stable forever no matter how hard a situation is throughout life? It is. That is why we look at Rama. He did it, and if he did it – we can do it too. Firstly, to remain stable does not mean that he is feeling-less. If one does not feel emotions – they are not even human. Rama felt the emotions, He absorbed them in. But, He quickly took his emotions in his control. He was not controlled by the emotions!

He reacted upon the griefs of other people. He took pleasure in the happiness of others. He stood for what is right at all times. As a Model Man, He shows us how one should make use of knowledge that any other creature cannot. All other creatures can use their knowledge just for their survival within the current body, but cannot plan for the ultimate journey, they lack that level of knowledge!

A perfect human being is one who is able to use the knowledge and apply in five levels without contradicting or compromising the values of any level.

❃ Individual:

Several characteristics that define a perfect individual, such as: eating what is right (satvik food, faultless by origin, or feel), speaking correctly (satyam, hitham, priyam, mitham, madhuram), ability to correct mistakes and many more! Once this is achieved, major step is achieved.

❃ Family:

Snighdha jana samvibhkatham hi sahyavedanam bhavathi, said Kalidasa! Only when you share an emotion with people who love you, then it is considered worth experiencing. Rama dealt with family very compassionately, not forgetting or contradicting to his knowledge on ‘Individual’ level. His father did not say a word about taking back the promise he made to Kaikeyi, but he wanted Rama to ignore his given word and take the throne. Rama knew the pulse of human psychology at right depth. So, he did not get swayed by the words that his father’s emotion was talking, he went by what his father really wanted to happen. His father wanted his word to be kept.

He also heart-fully thanked Kaikeyi and respected her. The 14 years he spent in exile are talked the most, not the entire 11,000 years that he was alive on the Earth! And he considered Kaikeyi to be a key player in such great time when he met many scholars and sages in forests!

❃ Society:

Rama raised above caste, creed, race, and all when he conducted himself in the society. Guha was his friend, Sugreeva almost a King to him, Vibheeshana as a brother. He sincerely believed that there is any enmity is with the conduct of a person, but not the person himself. Bhagavad Ramanuja applied the same, where he raised above all differences, not eliminated them. Elimination is not practical, one should raise above them to find the actual common ground where everyone as souls are equal in the eyes of God!

❃ Nature:

When your heart is full of concern, the nature responds to you without a doubt. When Rama came back to the forests from Lanka, it seems the trees that were dry began to grow green from the beginning of the trunk! Understand your role in nature, don’t be greedy and assume all resources exist for your luxury! Learn to satisfy your needs from the nature and be more attentive towards enhancing spiritual/mental [manasika] abilities for higher purpose than increased luxuries.

❃ God:

Knowing that the ultimate saviour, and controller is God keeps one humble to ground. This knowledge makes one stick to his true nature – obedience towards almighty, equality towards everyone else, respects towards elders who share the divine wisdom, and servitude towards all beings as service to God!

Place Sri Rama as your Model, and Lead your life. Then, all devathas will begin to work for you! The Ultimate liberation (moksham) will automatically be in your hands. There is no special effort necessary for moksham.

Bhagavad Ramanuja himself went to his Guru Sri Saila Purna at Thirupati and heard Ramayanam 18 times, delving in the depths and intricacies of Sri Rama’s character! That is why, we also should try to learn at least a little bit of this great scripture from Guru and begin the New Year, Vilambi!

– From the discourses of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami at Ramayana Tarangini [18th Mar to 24th Mar]

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