HH Swamiji unveiled 3 books on Homeopathy ” MEE AUSHADHAM MEE CHETHULLO” at Ramoji Film City on the auspicious evening of 23.4.2017. These books were written by the Modern Honeyman Smn. Dr. Pavuluri Krishna Chowdary and Published by Padma Vibhushan Smn. Ramoji Rao.

HH Swamiji praised Smn. Dr. Pavuluri, as a man discipline. At the age of 90+ he is very active and doing the homeopathy practice and writing the books on homeopathy. Padma Vibhushan Smn. Dr. Ramoji Rao played a povital role in bringing Smn. Dr. Pavuluri’s Homeopathy knowledge to telugu people around the globe.

Other Dignitaries:
Smn. Dr. Karunakar Reddy, V.C, Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences.
Dr. Rajender Reddy, Director, Ayush Dept.
Rtd Chief Justice Smn. Eswariah
Smn. Dr. J. Rameswar Rao, Chairman, Myhome Industries
Smn. J. Jagapathi Rao, M.D, My Home Industries
Smn. Dr. Aravind Kote, Director, JIMS, Sriramnagar.


The number of patients are increasing day by day. Many are choosing different types of treatments. They are also spending huge sums of money over it. But, results are very discouraging.  It is very saddening to observe that people are not availing nearby Homeopathy system of treatment will costs less and offers effective cure.   The two books released cover topics relating to Homeopathy treatment for women and children and another one on  home remedies in Homeopathy H H Chinna Jeeyar Swamy opined and Homeopathy is very apt and suitable for present times.  There is no better treatment than Homeopathy if the patient is examined in detail and proper medicine is prescribed.  The Homeopathy is slowly getting popular in recent times.  The present fads of food and life styles are the root cause of ill health.  To come out of this vicious cycle, Homeopathy is the correct solution.  Doctors are conducting some routine and superficial tests and treating patients. The problem can alleviated if tests are conducted in a proper way.  The disease can be cured if it is correctly identified with its severity.  Present doctors do not have that patience nor time.  Those seriously interested in Homeopathy can pursue research in this field which can be beneficial to many.  Despite, there is no  Governmental support coming in this area, Dr. Pavuluri Krishna Choudary and Sriman Ramoji Rao garu  are doing good work and should be appreciated.  Society will be benefitted if the relevant and useful health information is made available to people .  Swamiji Described Dr  Krishan Choudary as a Dr. Haneeman  of modern times.  Swamiji also suggested that these books with so many details may be translated to English, Hindi and other languages.  Mind , body and life are all taken into consideration for Homeopathy treatment.  These books were written with the idea of popularizing and spreading this to even remote villages.  Homeopathy is more popular in two Telugu speaking states than anywhere in India.

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