Jai Srimannarayana!!

India is supposed to be a religious country above everything else; Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and others take pride in their faiths and testify to their truth by breaking heads. The spectacle of what is called religion, or at any rate organised religion, in India and elsewhere has filled me with horror, and I have frequently condemned it and wished to make a clean sweep of it.

JIVA took place in Hitex!! It’s still going on till Jan 16th 2016.

Chinna Jeeyar is an Indian Scholar known for his spiritual discourses on Sri Vaishnavism.

On 24th Dec, 300 school students and their Faculty honoured and welcomed Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami Ji at the event which was completely organized and stood up by Mr.Venu & his Family.

Speech was all about How to do ‘Service’ for our families, Society,and to represent our Nation in different ways,though students are below 16 they had gained a quality in which they can follow their respective lives as per the modulations sounded by Sri Sri Jeeyar Swami Ji!

In Short,Sir started with the a Question : Why are you people studying? Students clamorously answered : for Surviving! and then sir replied, even animals are surviving and do they really need education? All were in scandalised.This was how speech was started,children were so attentive and perceptive,they are ready and eager to respond the questions of Swami Ji!

As we know Honeybees are famous for many things, including their ability to inflict painful stings they generally attack only to defend their colony, but will also attack if they are seriously disturbed outside the nest. We all clearly know how they attack,main part is Swami ji wants to claim about their unity in which way they will attack to protect them,which this habit of mutual understanding lacks in our day-to-day human life!

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

They were many more interested topics which were told by Swami ji like;

  • About the flies and their types.
  • Causes of Environment Pollution and Natural calamities.Who is responsible to this? Yes!we should take care of our society,which we aren’t doing.
  • How to get rid of Bad Habits and rather than to habituate Good Habits.
  • Reducing our Expenses and try to make them Savings.
  • In last,the most important thing is enjoy your life by making others happy,this leads to the satisfactory and worthy of your life.

“If you live long enough, you’ll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you’ll be a better person. It’s how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit.”