23rd Jan, 2016  Tandur

The day 23/1/2016 witnessed a historic meeting of Vishwa Hindu Parishath at Tandur. The meeting was attended by Vishwa Hindu Parishad All India secretary Sriman B.V. Ragavulu, Vishwa Hindu parishad regional secretary Sriman G.Kesav, HH Swamiji and other dignitories across the state. The meeting was presided over by HH Swamiji where the guests and the concerned authorities along with our HH Swamiji discussed the future activities of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, and more best they could do to protect our Hindu dharma and Hindu religion. HH Swamiji ended the meeting by giving the example Lord Rama and said that, all of us should carry on activities by keeping the principles of Lord Rama in our minds.


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