• NETHRA VIDYALAYA is a group of institutions focused on providing VALUE BASED quality education, TECHNOLOGY ASSISTED learning, SELF-RELIANT life-style to blind children (www.netravidyalaya.org)
  • HH SRI CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI’s WARMTH and CARE for the visually challenged children is the core foundation for this ever-evolving, and ever-improving institution.
  • It is THE FIRST institution in the WORLD that enabled blind children to take EXAMS ON LAPTOPS without the assistance of a scribe, thereby increasing the confidence in the children.
  • EIGHTY PERCENT of the outgoing students have secured jobs and are leading a livelihood making their parents and family proud and happy.
  • Our students have been KEY PLAYERS in many winning national level games.
  • HOLISTIC approach allows our students to learn, explore, relish, and excel in many activities such as YOGA, MUSIC, CRICKET and DANCE
  • Support from GENEROUS DONORS is helping us provide FREE Education, Boarding & Lodging for blind children of ALL COMMUNITIES irrespective of religion, caste and gender. You can help them too right now, by adopting a student. (https://donations.chinnajeeyar.guru/product/blind-school/nethra-vidyalaya/)



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