Post Bramhothsavams Events – Snapanam and Sapthavarnam

 After the five day hectic birthday celebrations – Bramhothsavams, Lord Rama and his parivaram was given a nice comforting bath in the morning amidst vedic chants. In the evening, Sapthavarna (Lord going in a procession around the temple seven times) was performed. Until yesterday,  Garuda and Vishwaksena were entrusted to invite and provide hospitality to the devathas during the uthsavams. After purnahuthi, they are given a farewell with vedic manthras.

Today evening’s Sapthavarna is performed for the devathas who reside in the temple along with the Lord on a permanent basis. To commemorate the 5 day event, sapthavarna is performed where each round around the temple is performed in a unique way. In each round only one activity is performed exclusively. They are beating of drums, blowing of sankhas, singing bhajans, Vedas chanting, dravida prabandham chanting, dancing and finally ‘mounam’ – silence.
Explaining the significance of ‘mounam’, HH said that it is a way to reminisce what we learnt. We have to control our sense organs and turn the focus towards our manas, remember and recollect the good we learnt from our acharyas and the wise. Hence, after having six different activities, the last one concluded with mounam.
Later, the Sripattangas were honored along with all the members from all departments for their services to the Lord. To provide some respite after the five days excitment, a nice swing was arranged for ‘pavalimpu seva’. HH sang ‘manikkam katti’ and put the Lord to sleep concluding the uthsavams.

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Bramhothsavam Day 5 

Today is Chittha nakshathram. The day Lord Sri Rama, Sri Ranganattha and Parampattha nattha made Sri Ramanagaram their abode eight years ago. To celebrate this event, Bramhothsavams are conducted every year. In Bramhothsavams, vahana sevas occupy a primary place. Every morning and evening, Lord is taken on a procession seated on an animal or a plant. In fact the vehicles Lord sits on cover all types of species belonging to sathvic, thamasik and rajasik nature.
On the final day, He sits on a chariot. Chariot symbolises human species. The body is equated to a chariot, our sense organs to the horses drawing the chariot, the reins controlling the horses are the manas and the charioteer is the buddhi. Just as the Lord is seated in the chariot, He makes us jivas his abode. If we realise this fact, then we will be redeemed from this cycle of birth and death. All we need is to remember Him said Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.
Sri U. Ve. Sriman Rangaramanujacharya Swamy spoke about the significance of avabhrutha snanam. When it is offered to human beings, it eradicates the sins committed by them. When it is offered to the Lord, it gives comfort to the Lord and the holy water when sprinkled on us will eradicate our sins. The avabrutha snanam removes the doshas committed by the yajamanis of the temple while the doshas committed by the priests will be removed by doing pushpa yagam to the Lord.
After the rattha yathra around the temple, the Lord was taken to the yagasala and thirumanjanam was offered to the Lord. Later avabhrutha snanam was performed in a small tub for the Lord. HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji sprinkled the holy water on all the devotees and distributed prasadam to each and every devotee concluding today morning’s program.

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Bramhothsavam Day 4 – Evening Program

Today evening was different from all evenings. It was as if Vayu deva and Varuna deva holding hands visited the premises of Divya Saketham temple. HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji came to yagasala and purnahuthi manthras were being chanted. As soon as the Veda vinnapams were completed, the rain hit the ground in full force. The hot, dry parched earth quenched her thirst today with the cool evening showers. Lord seated on Garuda vahana looked happy seeing the happy smiling faces of the devotees experiencing the much awaited rain cooling the whole atmosphere.

Vahana seva was held inside the temple itself. It was the first time ever. It was a beautiful sight to watch the Lord swaying in beauty sometimes walking like a lion, sometimes an elephant, moving like a snake and sometimes running like a vrushabha. After the procession, HH did Jai Srimannarayana bhajan and Ramanuja nama bhajan followed by a nice discourse on the greatness of Garuda vahana.HH Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji too spoke on this occasion. The evening harathi and mangalasasanams were offered to the Lord concluding the evening program.

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Bramhothsavam Day 4 – Morning Program

Today morning, Lord appeared as Trivikrama avathara beneath the ‘ ponna chettu’ vahana. Beautifully decked up in green silk clothes, with one leg raised to the sky, the Lord graced everyone with His mesmerising appearance. After the procession, Bhagavad Ramanujacharya’s ashtottharanamavali puja was performed under the guidance of Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji. The afternoon program concluded with purnahuthi in yagasala.

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Bramhothsavam Day 3 – Evening Program

Today evening, after the kalyanothsavam, Lord along with Mother Sitha devi, Lakshmana and Hanuma were taken on a procession on Sesha vahana. Usually after kalyanam, Lord is taken on a procession on Garuda vahana.

After the procession, the Lord was taken back into the temple for the night prayers. Speaking on this occasion, HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji said, Sesha and Garuda are both nithyas. In paramapadam there are many nithyas and muktha jivas. But Mother, Sesha, Garuda, Vishwaksena are named the primary nithyas. Mother is always near to the Lord, always doing service, so She is not mentioned separately.

It seems even in Paramapadam, sometimes the jivas too quarrel to do service to the Lord. Their tiffs are not because of earthly jealousies, selfishness etc but dominated by pure love. Hence, Lord Narayana divided their duties and gave them each 7 duties. Alvandar beautifully described them in Alvandar sthothram.

While Shesha takes many shapes to become a residence, a bed, a throne, sandals, garments, a pillow, umbrella and a parasol; Garuda becomes a servant, friend, carrier, throne, flag, canopy, fan, and personification of three Vedas.

As they are both serving the Lord uninterruptedly, it was as if Garuda agreed to Sesha doing the service of taking the Lord around in a procession in Divyasaketham today.

HH gave mangalasasanams to all the sripattangas, kolatam groups and all the devotees for participating in Bramhothsavams. The evening program concluded with sathumurai, thirttha and prasad goshti.

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Bramhothsavam Day 3 – Morning Program

As part of the 8th Bramhothsavams, Kalyanam was performed to the Lord in Divya Saketham today, the third day of the festivities. Every year, Divya Saketham performs Sri Sitha Rama Kalyanam under the supervision of Lord Goda Ranganattha. But, this year being the 8th year, signifying ashtakshari manthra, Lord Sri Goda Ranganattha kalyanam was also performed.

Srimathi Krishnakumari garu educated the workers of Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi on Bhagavad Ramanujacharya and conducted a quiz for them. Many passed the quiz and 8 workers were selected among them. They were called out today and given prizes by Sriman Rameswar Raoji. Sriman Rameswar rao garu and family, Sriman Raju garu and family, and other devotees came forward and presented diamond studded mangalasuthras to the Mothers. HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji gave mangalasasanams to all the devotees and said that by next year Bramhothsavams, Bhagavad Ramanujacharya will appear on the Statue of Equality site. Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji, Sri Devanattha Jeeyar Swamiji and Sri U.Ve. Sriman Rangaramanuja Swamy blessed the devotees with their discourses. The program concluded thirttha, prasada goshti and thadiyaradhana.

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Bramhothsavam Day 2 – Evening Program

Today evening, ‘Edurkolu’ function was conducted on the eve of Sri Sitha Ramachandra kalyanam tomorrow morning.  3 vahanas were taken out in a procession – On Hanumad Vahana, Lord Rama was seated majestically decorated  beautifully . In yet another small vahana,  Lakshmana Swamy along with Hanuman were taken on a small palanquin by the vedic students. Mother Sitha devi was taken on a different vahana decked up with dazzling ornaments, shimmering silks and bewitching beauty. They were taken in a procession around the temple and were lead to the yagasala. In the yagasala Sriman Sri U. Ve. Rangaramanujacharya Swamy represented the bride Sithadevi while Sriman Raghavacharya Swamy represented the groom, Lord Sri Rama. After a wise, fun filled and enthusiastic discussion on the qualities of bride vs. bridegroom by both parties, tambulam was exchanged and the Kalyanam pathrika was read by Sriman Raghudutt Swamy.

HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji gave a discourse on the importance of kalyanam and gave mangalasasanams to the devotees. After purnahuthi, veda vinnapams the program concluded with the procession of the Lord back to the temple.

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Bramhothsavam Day 2 – Morning Program

Today morning, Lord  gave darsan dressed as a hunter riding on the elephant vahanam to the devotees.  In Bramhothsavams, Lord ascends a vahana each day. A monkey, a lion, tree, a bird, stars, planets etc are the vahanas on which the Lord goes around the streets to bless the devotees. Lord gives the message through the bramhothsavams that every being can get moksha if he surrenders to Him irrespective of the birth the jiva takes.  Lord removes the popular anti-vedic myth that one should take a sathvic birth, be a bramhin, and become a sanyasi to get moksha through these vahana sevas.

The procession was taken around the temple and then taken to the yagasala. Today being ekadasi, HH gave thirttham to everyone. Lord Ranganattha’s puja was performed by Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji. The program concluded with thirttha and prasada goshti.

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Bramhothsavam Day 1 – Evening Program

Today is a very auspicious day – Vaisakha month, sukla paksha with dasami thitthi – the day when Lord Venkateswara got married to Padmavathi devi.  In the evening, Lord was taken in a procession in Mohini avatharam on Chandra prabha vahanam.   Vahana sevas are the speciality of Bramhothsavams. Every morning and night Lord ascends a different vahanam – each vahanam representing a particular species.  Lord is the cause of all beings. He resides in every being and controls them. It is only because of His compassion that all these beings have their entity. The bodies He resides in can be self luminous – Sun and stars or bodies which reflect light such as moon and planets. To show this, Lord ascended the Surya prabha vahana today morning and Chandra prabha vahana in the evening. HH gave a wonderful speech on how Lord expressed his wish to appear as Mohini in Tirumala to Bhagavad Ramanujacharya. The evening program concluded with thirttha and prasada goshti.

Bramhothsavam Day 1 – Morning Program

Divyasaketham is celebrating the 8th Bramhothsavams. The temple grounds took a festive look with the special lighting, shamiyanas, sounds of music from the sannai, fragrant flower decorations and hustle and bustle of the devotees. The event started today with the hoisting of the Garuda patam. Garuda is in-charge of the hospitality for devathas who come to attend the Lord’s bramhothsavams.

Lord Sri Rama was taken on a procession on Surya prabha vahanam. The new pattangas (carriers of the palanquin of the Lord) enthusiastically took in the Lord in delicate yet majestic steps around the temple and then led Him towards the Yagasala.

Meanwhile in the yagasala, Agni devatha was invoked using the sun rays and that fire was transferred in all the homa kundas to start the havan. For Bramhothsavams, fire is invoked using this process. For yagas, fire is invoked using the churning process while for regular temple activities, fire is taken from the temple kitchen itself. Yaga beri – Lord who accepts prayers in yaga sala was seated majestically in the yaga mandapam. Pancha suktha homas and manthras were chanted offering oblations to Fire God.

Today being Friday, Sri Lakshmi Narayana puja was performed. Devanattha Jeeyar Swamy chanted the namavali while HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji offered flowers to the Lord. After purnahuthi, thirttham and prasadam were distributed to the devotees concluding the morning program.


8th Anniversary Bramhothsavams started today in Divya Saketham under the divine presence of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, HH Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji and HH Sri Devanattha Jeeyar Swamiji. Divya Saketham is a token of love by HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji to Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji commemorating His sathabdi uthsavams. Here the Lord appeared in three forms – Parampattha nattha, Sri Ranganattha and Sri Ramachandra with His parivaram 8 years ago to bless us all with health and prosperity.

Today morning, the program started with snapanam – abhishekam to Lord Rama with 21 kalasams. The evening program – ankurarpana began with Sri Vishwaksena puja followed by punyahavachanam,Deeksha kankanas were tied to the Lord and His parivaram, Swamis doing parayana and ubhayadars. Yellow clothes were given to them by the ubhayadars. Lord Vishwaksena was taken in a procession to an anthill. Bhudevi was invoked and prayers were offered to Lord Varaha Swami and Bhudevi before taking the mud for mruthsangraham.

Later the procession was led to the yaga sala. After performing dwara puja, the mud was placed in the 12 palikas on the North-eastern side of the yagasala. Nava dhanyas – 12 to 14 types of dhanyas used in yagam are soaked in cow milk. These grains are sprinkled in the palikas filled with mud from the anthill and cow dung cakes powder after inviting the devathas into the grains.

In the temple homa was performed after invoking Garuda in the garuda pata and kalasas were installed with holy water empowering them with 6 bija aksharas. Harathi was offered to the Garuda patam by HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji concluding the evening program.

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                                                        శోభాయ‌మానం బ్రహ్మోత్స‌వం ..!

చూసేందుకు క‌నులు చాలవు. మాన‌వ జ‌న్మ‌లో అత్యంత ఆహ్లాద‌క‌ర‌మైన స‌న్నివేశం ఇవాళ చోటు చేసుకున్న‌ది. అది లోక బాంధ‌వుడు..న‌డిచే నారాయ‌ణుడిగా పేరొందిన శ్రీ‌శ్రీ‌శ్రీ త్రిదండి చిన‌జీయ‌ర్ స్వామీజీ దివ్య సాకేతం ఆశ్ర‌మం భ‌క్తుల‌తో నిండి పోయింది. ఎక్క‌డ చూసినా  ఆ రామానుజుల స్మ‌ర‌ణే వినిపిస్తోంది. జై శ్రీ‌మ‌న్నారాయ‌ణ అంటూ మూల మంత్రం భ‌క్తుల పెద‌వుల మీద న‌ర్తిస్తోంది. పిల్ల‌లు, పెద్ద‌లు, వృద్దులు, మ‌హిళ‌లు ఇలా ప్ర‌తి ఒక్క‌రు భ‌గ‌వ‌త్ రామానుజుల వారిని స్మ‌రిస్తూ ఉన్నారు. ఈ పుణ్య క్షేత్రంలో 8వ వార్షిక బ్రహ్మోత్స‌వాల‌కు వేదికైంది. ఆల‌య ప్రాంగ‌ణ‌మంతా విద్యుత్ కాంతుల‌తో నిండి పోయింది. ప్ర‌త్యేక దీపాల‌ను అలంక‌రించారు. భ‌క్తుల‌కు ఎలాంటి ఇబ్బంది త‌లెత్త‌కుండా  ముందు జాగ్ర‌త్త‌గా షామియానాలు ఏర్పాటు చేశారు. హృద‌యాల‌ను తేలిక ప‌రిచేందుకు స‌న్నాయి, పూల‌తో అలంక‌ర‌ణ భ‌క్తుల‌ను ఎంత‌గానో  ఆక‌ట్టుకుంది. బ్ర‌హ్మోత్స‌వాల సంద‌ర్భంగా అన్ని దేవ‌త‌ల‌కు పెద్ద‌గా భావించే గ‌రుడ పాఠాన్ని వినిపించారు. సూర్య ప్ర‌భ వాహ‌నం మీదుగా శ్రీ‌రాముడి విగ్ర‌హాన్ని ఊరేగించారు. ప‌ల్ల‌కీ సేవ ఆక‌ట్టుకుంది. ఆల‌య ప‌రిస‌రాల‌తో పాటు యాగ‌శాల‌ను కూడా ముస్తాబు చేశారు.  అగ్ని దేవుడి కిర‌ణాలు సోకేలా య‌జ్ఞ యాగం జ‌రిగింది. పంచ‌సూక్తాలు, మంత్రాల‌తో అగ్ని దేవుడికి పూజ‌లు నిర్వ‌హించారు. ఇక శ్రీ ల‌క్ష్మి నారాయ‌ణ పూజను దేవ‌నాథ జీయ‌ర్ స్వామీజీ చేయ‌గా శ్రీ‌శ్రీశ్రీ త్రిదండి చిన‌జీయ‌ర్ స్వామీజీ స్వామి వారికి వివిధ పూల‌తో పూజ‌లు చేశారు. పూర్ణాహుతి కార్య‌క్ర‌మం ముగిసిన అనంత‌రం భ‌క్తుల‌కు స్వామీ వారి చేతుల మీదుగా తీర్థం, ప్ర‌సాదాన్ని పంపిణీ చేశారు. దీంతో శుక్ర‌వారం  బ్ర‌హ్మోత్స‌వం భ‌క్తుల‌ను మైమ‌రిచి పోయేలా చేసింది. సుదూర ప్రాంతాల నుంచి వ‌చ్చిన భ‌క్త‌జ‌నం స్వామి వారి మంగ‌ళాశాస‌నాల‌తో  ధ‌న్యుల‌య్యారు.