The residents of Saptagiri Colony are a blessed lot. The Goda Ranganatha Kalyanam at Kodanda Ramalayam was a grand affair. About 600 people from all walks of life contributed and whole heartedly participated in the event. The Notable among them is Mr. Mohd Ahmed Kuduss, an ordinary wholesale mango merchant, with an extraordinary heart and vision, contributed a sum of 50,000 Rs towards the construction of Archaka Quarter and Kitchen in temple premises. An act like this should permeate all over the city to highlight beauty of Unity in Diversity of India.

Also, VT Chapters across other parts of the city celebrated Andal Kalyanam with great vigor and excitement.

The details are as below :

  • Andal Ghosti celebrated Dhanurmausam under the supervision of Sriman Santhosh Kumar Swamy.
  • Vavilalapally Ramalayam under the supervision of Sriman K.Venkata Narsimha Charyulu (warangal)
  • Vidhyanagar in Sri Rama Kalyana Mandapam under the supervision of Sriman Tirupurani Ranga Chary
  • Vidhyanagar in Laxmi Venkateshwara Swamy Devalayam under the supervision of Sriman G.Sridhara Chary
  • Chaitanyapuri in Maha Laxmi Temple under the supervision of Sriman D.Sridhara Chary.

Nearly 1000 members attend the Goda Ranganatha Kalyanam at Elkeshvaram

The Goda Rangantha Kalyanam was celebrated with awe and reverence at Elkeshwaram. The event witnessed huge crowds of Bhagadwath Bandhus, about 1000 in number. The Divine matrimony of Goda Ranganatha was performed under the supervision of Sriman Santhosh Kumaraswamy, along with 5 Disciples of Vedaabhyas. The event was followed by Thadiyaradhana to the all the Bhagavath Bandhus.

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