Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami spoke about imperishable state of joy in a session with a family who has recently lost a loved one at Santhosh Nagar, in Hyderabad.

What actually happens when there is a loss in the family? Does the soul die, does the body perish? Soul never dies, it is always there. The body also exists, may be it changes its form. In fact, our body constantly goes through changes even when we are alive – hundreds of cells die and take birth every minute. Then, what is it that we are losing? The soul loses its CONNECTION with the current body. The rest of the family and friends also lose connection with that soul who existed in that body.

What are we grieving? We are grieving the loss of connection with that person (soul + body). It is very fair and basic that we feel extremely pained in such situations. As we understand the nature of the soul, body and the higher thatvam, God – the pain will translate into conducting yourself better with the situation and also spending time in the right way until you are in the current body.

Whatever one is experiencing – the grief, the sadness or any emotion is the result of connecting yourself with the current body. State of body changes constantly, therefore all the emotions you are experiencing are also constantly changing and ultimately perishable. Accept this and move forward. When you connect yourself with God, then the Imperishable state of Joy begins actualisation. Use the body to conduct yourself, and not make it the only companion! God remains your unchangeable ultimate companion, Relish the journey with Him!

What do you do to reach that state?

Surrender and step into a boat that is led by an Acharya. The boat’s destination is God. That’s it! Your job is done. God is the destination where you can experience the ‘Imperishable state of Joy’. Your connection with God makes your state a blissful one! Example: When you board a flight, you leave all your responsibility to the pilot, don’t you? All you do is step out of the flight once your destination is reached. That is exactly what you do here as well – Board the ship of Surrendering to God led by Acharya and be ready to step out when the destination is reached.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami

Swamiji attended ‘Paramapadotsavam’ of Vanaja Bhaskar Rao ji’s brother in law. Smt. Vanaja Bhaskar Rao ji, a strongly devoted and a very active member of JET and Vikasa Tarangini has invited Sri Swamiji to grace her sister’s family in the time of the loss in family. All the family, including little children carefully heard Swamiji’s wise words and whole heartedly paid obeisance and gratitude towards Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji for taking time.