I am the mother of two teenage daughters. Two days ago, I received a WhatsApp message on an upcoming talk titled, ‘Pearls from Bhagavatam’.

I wished for my daughters to listen to the talk along with me. But, my elder one is too occupied with online classes and weekly tests. And my younger one may not be able to connect to the content. So, I put that thought aside.

But, here’s the twist. My elder daughter ended up listening to the entire talk. Please note that I neither forced nor convinced her to listen. After the session, she walked to her room fully content and with increased enthusiasm, and energy to resume her work! 

Do you want to know what triggered her to listen to Srimad Bhagavatham?

Do you want to know why she was content?

She overheard Swamiji use terms from her senior intermediate Zoology chapter named, ‘Human Reproduction’. words such as Murula, Blastocyst, Endometrium, Placenta! As soon as she heard these words, she wondered “what does this have to do with Bhagavatham?”. She sat down to understand. 

She then heard Swamiji explain how Srimad Bhagavatham reveals the details of childbirth so beautifully, aligning to what’s mentioned in her textbook. What amazed her was how Bhagavatham goes further to talk about feelings that a baby goes through from the 7th month onwards till the delivery

The scripture that was written 6000 years ago by Veda Vyasa not only talks about the physical developments of the baby in the womb but also the spiritual significance of birth (when there were no CT scans, ultrasounds, etc).

The dialogue between a divine child named Kapila with his mother Devabhuthi in the 31st chapter of 3rd canto reveals the intricate details of a few details mentioned below. This reminded me of reading ‘What to Expect When You are Expecting’ when I was pregnant with my elder one 17 years ago. What she is hearing now is beyond what the book talks about. Take a deep breath before you read the last one in the below-bulleted list!

  •  Kalalam te: kara:tre:na – first day is when sperm unites with the egg (zygote is formed)

  • Pancharatre:na udbhutham – takes the form of a drop of water (marula) in about 5 days

  • Karkanduhu – takes the size of a small berry fruit (blastocyst)

  •  Mase:na thu sira ha – head begins to take shape in a months’ time from the first day

  • Dwa:bhya:m ba:f angrayad yangra vigraham – different parts of the body begin to take shape in the second month.

  • Nakha ro:ma asthi charma:ni linga sthotrobhi chidra udbhavaha – nails, hair, skin, genital organs begin to take form from the 7th and 8th weeks

  • Chaturbhihi dha:thavaha saptha – after 4th month, the seven dhathus (tissues) begin to take firm shape – tvak (plasma), charma (skin), mamsa(flesh), rudhira(flow of blood), medha(fat), majja(bone marrow), asthini (bones)

  • Shadbhihi jara:yuna vi:tha ha… garbha ve:shtane:na pra:vruthaha – baby in the sac moves to right hand side during the sixth month

  • Sapthame: janma karma:ni gatha:ni smarathe: rushihi – baby realises his/her past 100 lives, and begins to feel extreme anxiety that he/she is back in a womb for another life the baby recollects the limitations of the body and the karma which gets carried along with the baby than pleads God seeking His grace for wanting to be at the lotus feet of God.

  • The prayers are recorded in 10 slokas in the same chapter! (doctors mention the kicks, cries, the movements of the baby during this time, but no indication as to what triggers such restlessness in the baby)

When Swamiji chanted the Sanskrit verses from Bhagavatham on this topic, she had goosebumps! What took her to an even further state of joy and pride was when Swamiji said, ‘We are the heirs of such wealth of wisdom, from our rushis, that dates back to lakhs and lakhs of years!’

For those who did not get a chance to listen in, here’s the Video –

– From a mother, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
– Ever grateful to Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji