Sri Ramanacharyulu, the former TTD E.O, met HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji at JIVA Shamshabad on 24th May, 2015. A press meet about providing infrastructure during the 2015, Godavari Pushkarams was conducted.  Sriman Ramesh Gupthaji, president of VT Central Committee along with other dignitaries participated. As the Godavari Pushkarams will start from 14th July2015. HH announced that he will be conducting Bramha Yajna on the first two days of pushkarams at Bhadrachalam , the abode of Lord Sitha Ramachandra Swami and then Bramha Yajna continues for the next five days at Mancheriyal and for the last five days at Rajamundry. HH discussed on the facilities to be provided by Vikasatarangini during pushkarams with Sri Ramanacharyulu. He explained about the Eco San public toilets in brief, with the intention to install them  in river bank cities and nearby towns during pushkarams.  This will reduce the wastage of water and will be eco friendly with out giving bad odours by using Bio-digestors in this Eco San equipment.

After the meeting, HH gave mangalsasanams to Sri Ramanacharyuluji , Sriman Ramesh Gupthaji and others including media persons, by felicitating them.

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