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What is Prajna?

“Prajna is the ability to translate good knowledge into action.”

Vedic knowledge and culture so preciously preserved for millions of years is being lost in this modern era. We have forgotten the significance and importance of our customs and traditions. What is the goal of the human life? What should one realize in this life? What should be one’s response in our daily chores?

Due to the lack of answers to these questions there is confusion in the society, leading to unrest, lack of confidence and disrespect for the traditional way of living.

In spite of our rich, valuable and true vedic knowledge, we often tend to disown and distance from it due to ignorance and misinformation. Hence only a true A:cha:rya can dispel this darkness by lighting a lamp of right vedic knowledge in our hearts. Sri: Swa:mi:ji has taken up this task of educating and reforming us so that we will be able to lead our lives in a fruitful way. Come, let us all join this movement. A person who gets benefited in this process, can lead others too in the proper direction thus empowering the entire society at large. Prajna is a series of classes conducted for the benefit of children and adults under the guidance of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Sri:manna:ra:yaNa Ra:ma:nuja Chinna Jeeyar Swa:mi:ji:. Students will be learning about our ancient heritage and will thus develop to love the same.

Prajna Students Learning

What are the offerings?

Students will:

Learn basics of our tradition
Get familiar with vocabulary and terminology
Get introduced to the Vedic literature, stories from our itiha:sas and pura:nas
Learn biographies of our great teachers and devotees of Lord Srimannarayana
Learn slo:kas and prayers
Understand virtues and values and much more.
Wherever possible, there will also be classes scheduled for students to learn their native language, music, dance, arts etc., There will be numerous community functions organized for special occassions involving all ‘Prajna’ families. Sri: Swa:mi:ji: will provide instructions to the teachers and will be gracing his divine benevolence and blessing to the students in their path of learning.

For Registrations/Questions/Clarifications regarding Prajna, please feel free to Email [email protected] 
We will be glad to start a new class in your area, if there is enough interest in your neighbourhood/community.

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