Everyday recitation of complete Sundaraka:nda for 68 days! Come, Join, Get the Grace of Lord Rama!

For more details, participation and/or registration, please call – 9247002289, Sri Ramanagaram – 95535 49971 / 72 ,Sithanagaram – 086452-72353
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Sponsorship (For devotees living Outside India): Click Here
If you sponsor for 68 Days – Entire 68 days will be performed on your go:thrana:mam. After 68 days, Sri Rama finger ring, Sri Rama pa:dukalu, a garland of pearls, chu:da:mani worn by ammava:ru, and maha: prasa:dam will be given to you.
You can sponsor for Total 7 Days (or) You can sponsor for just 1 day.