Sri P S S Raju VT District convener has arranged Sri Goda Krishna puja along with all the branches of VT. She advised about the plan of activities to be taken up during Ramanuja Sahasrabdi. He has also indicated the training classes for people to enable them to spread the glory of Ramanuja. About 300 people participated in the programme and Tadiyaradhana (food) was arranged for all of them.

Sriman Srikantacharyulu Vedic Teacher at Varija and Smt T Aruna VT editor explained about the glory of Ramanuja. Everyone was delighted with the songs rendered by Netra Vidyalyam – school for blind students.

Marripalem VT is regularly conducting Satsangs and publicizing about Ramanuja Sahasrabdi in their areas. They have so far made a kainkaryam of about Rs 1 lakh and 40 gms of gold.

Vempadu VT members donated about 100 gms towards Ramanuja’s golden idol. Sri Raghu, VT Convener is bringing awareness about Ramanuja Sahasrabdi in Nagarapalem Village.

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