Sri Pocharam Srinivas Reddy visited the Divine, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami today in JIVA asram to seek blessings and guidance on the construction of a temple he has taken up in Pocharam, Telengana.

స్వస్థి ప్రజాభ్యాం పరిపాలయంతాం, న్యాయ్యేన మార్గేన మహీం మహీషాం
గో బ్రాహ్మణోభ్య శుభమస్తు నిత్యం లోకా సమస్తా సుఖినోభవంతు !

The personified divinity, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami seeks

  • Right leadership,
  • Right direction for everyone,
  • Blessed state for cows and souls that realise the support of Bramha within them,
  • And happiness for the entire creation

through the above prayer as part of HIS every day routine in the mornings! The rest of the day, He propagates right knowledge ceaselessly every minute through discourses, through his advises, through his writings, through his actions to help everyone understand the current state of themselves and how one can move forward. He leads the path to bliss for lakhs of people!

We wish the honourable minister that the temple he is working towards will serve the purpose of educating the devotees with right knowledge and encourage its visitors towards right actions!