Chi. N.Ch. Dharani , studying 10th Class and Chi. N.Ch. Raghunandan studying 8thClass,  who are  the brother and sister belongs to Kodada, Nalgonda Dist, together donated Rs. 24,184( twenty four thousand, one hundred and eighty four rupees) for Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi. HH Swamiji showered divine mangalasasanams to both children. On every birth day they donates for noble cause of HH Swamiji’s mission. Later they donated for Nethra Vidyalaya (A school for blind). This year they donated for Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi.

Ramanuja Srikar,  studying 8th class from Miyapur, Hyderabad donated Rs.50,000 to SRI RAMANUJA SAHASRABDI on his birthday. He earned this money on his own, participating in a singing competition conducted by Gemini Channel. HH Swamiji offered special mangalasasanams to Chi. Y. Ramanuja Srikar and his parents to encouraging him to donate for this noble cause.


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