A good word or a good deed can sooth a heart in pain. Most of us are quite busy in fulfilling our responsibilities everyday and are able spend time for others only very rarely. There are a few gifted individuals who dedicate a lot of time in serving others or supporting good deeds. From past 5 years, M.Ramadevi garu and P.Anasuya garu have been chanting the name of God in different houses each day. Any kind of monetary gain from this effort has been submitted in serving blind children who are studying in our Nethra School and College. They have also been able to give some support to the Gosala at JIVA asram. They have been motivating many people in serving for good causes by conducting such chants at each home. This year, they have taken up a mission to spread the message of Bhagavad Ramanuja in as many houses as possible through ‘Intinta Ramanuja’ (Ramanuja in every home) initiative.

While spreading the message of Ramanujacharya, they have been able to raise 2 lakh rupees towards ‘Statue of Equality’ project. Appreciating their dedication and love for spreading good words in society, Sri Swamiji blesses them and their team!