Andal appeared in Sri Ranganarayana Jeeyar’s dream and said, “Have a look at this chariot, it’s lifetime is over, maybe you should get a new one made!”. In the dream, He responded, “That requires many resources including money, labour, designers etc. I live by the prasad given at the temple and share the wisdom given by my elders to the people here, how can I accomplish that task’. She said, “Don’t worry about that, you will get the required resources” and the dream ended there.

MaduraiNext day, administration wing of Vanamamalai approached Jeeyar Swami and requested him to accept the Jeeyarhood of Vanamamalai. He accepted it. He left the dandam at Sri Rangam and became the Vanamamali Jeeyar, also called Pattarpiran Jeeyar (meaning father figure of Andal). After a couple of days, He began his journey to Sri Villiputthur to begin work on the chariot for Andal. During his journey, there was a big storm and many teak trees fell to the ground. He was saddened, but Andal spoke again that night in his dream to use the fallen trees for the chariot. He could then successfully build the chariot.

Since then, Vanamamalai Jeeyar is offered respects and stay in the Sri Villiputthur temple for all the 365 days of the year! Any other Jeeyar generally gets a 3 day stay only with all respects in the temple.

Andal SandhiTherefore, if we want to know the reason for some of the practices at temples, we will need to know the history. The respects given to Vanamamalai Jeeyar by the Sri Villiputthur temple are driven by the services He offered. There are many practices a temple follows and each one is driven by a historical incident or an instruction of Vedic scriptures.

Sundarabahu Swami’s yearly 7-day trip on the banks of Vaigai River!

Did you know that every year Sundarabahu Swami goes on a one week trip to Vaigai river?

Markanda Maharshi did a penance in Vaigai river to free him from the curse of Durwasa Mahamuni.

AndalSundarabahu Swami travelled for one week and reached the riverside to free him. More than 15 lakh people (mostly Yadavas) accompanied Swami then. Every year, priests celebrate this event for the one week in the same way He originally travelled through the banks of the river. There are around 450 mantaps (divine halting stations) where He halted before reaching Markanda Maharshi. Devotees offer obeisances wherever He halted.

– From the event at Sri Villiputthur (Vatapatrasayi temple and Andal sannidh)
– and Madhurai (Alagar Koyil)
– 21st and 22nd April 2019

Swamiji visited Alagar temple on 21st April 2019. Swamiji expressed joy to have witnessed the 5th day event of the 7 days trip of Sundarabahu Swami, Alagar koyil. Before reaching there, Swamiji also paid respects to Venkateswara Swami temple near Sivakasi.

abhishekamSwamiji reached Sri Villiputthur the same day evening. HH felt pleased with an unplanned meet with Andavan Jeeyar Swamiji of Sri Rangam at Sri Villiputthur. HH took part in the Thirumanjana Abhishekam of Andal on 22nd morning.

Rameshwar rao family

Sriman Rameshwar Rao Garu, Sri Kumari Garu and their elder Son, Sriman Vinod and his wife, Srimathi Bhargavi and children Swaroop and Edya felt fortunate to be part of the entire journey from Hyderabad to Sri Villiputthur.

Chinnajeeyar Swamiji
Vatapatrasayi temple
Sri Villiputthur
Goda Devi

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