We all appreciate beauty. But, think about this. Do we fall in love with what is beautiful, or do we find beauty in what we love? A crow finds her baby as beautiful as any of us find our babies. Therefore, like people say – beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, beauty of nature has never been controversial. It is loved by everyone! God chose that beautiful nature as the birth place of a great mantra, probably because all of us get driven by its beauty and then associate ourselves with the mantra.But, people who learn that God is the cause of nature’s beauty as well will hold onto that mantra and forever experience the hidden true joy.

Badarinath, the place that hosts the beautiful alakananda river. It is where alakananda joins many other rivers like mandakini, nandakini, saraswati, bhaagirathi and reaches to us as Ganga in Haridwar. It is the place where sage Vedavyas divided the vedas into four, wrote Srimad Bhagavatham, composed right elaboration of the essence of Vedas, the Bramhasutras. This is where Vedavyas dictated and Ganesha put them all into writing. This is the capital place for all devathas. One can find Kubera sila, Garuda sila here. This is the place where one can find beautiful Urvasi mountain which has the power to beautify anyone who bathes in urvasi kund atop the mountain. This is the place one can find Swargarohan, the path that pandavas took end of their lives. This is where one can find Bheema sila

This is also the place for Lakshmi vanam (a garden full of rarest and beautiful plants and flowers). This is also the place for Vasodhaara, the very rich ghee-based offering submitted by sages in every Yajna back in those days. This is the place where natural hot springs (ushna kundam) emerges right from the divine feet of the Deity for the sake of all devotees.

This is where Ashtakshari Mahamantra took its birth. God Himself chanted and meditated on this mantra in a dual role, the teacher (Narayana) and the disciple (Nara) to show us all the characteristics of a right guru and a good student.

Badarinath, the Birth place of Real beauty!

Thus, the power of this great mantra has been generating at Badarinath since ages. But, the distribution of that generated power began in greater breadth by Ramanujacharya. He did not screen one for any other qualification than sincere interest in knowing about God. Thus, we have all become eligible to receive and experience the power of Ashtakshari Mahamantra.  

What is the significance of Ashtakshari Mahamantra?

Gurus define and elaborate on this mantra for months together and yet feel there is lot more to say. Such is the greatness, breadth and scope of this mantra. It is considered equal in power with the entire Vedas.

It talks about the characteristics and purpose of soul. It explains the divine qualities of supreme soul. It elaborates on the nature of the bond that they share. It enlightens on who (or what) binds the soul with supreme soul. Ultimately it protects the one who chants it. 

Any other mantra is limited in the scope of knowledge it gives, the protection it offers, and the strength it offers to overcome any challenge

Ashtakshari Mahamantra is confirmed as a complete and ultimate mantra by all sages, Vedavyas, Parasara, Yajnavalykya, Bharadwaja etc. 

Considering the greatness of this mantra, a Guru prepares anyone who is interested in getting initiated with Ashtakshari Mahamantra. This preparation is five-fold, pancha samskaras.

Samyak kriyathe: ithi samskaraha 

[an act that prepares one for a good outcome is called a samskara]

The pre samskaras and post samskaras of mantra initiation process attained by a person from a guru will qualify him/her to lead life as a service to God (the sole saviour). Otherwise, the life will lead by us will be no different to any other being such as an animal who lives to eat, recreate and excrete! 

Unfortunately, most of us are not able to keep up our life standards in accordance with such knowledge. Our karma (actions) has a ripple effect on nature. Badarinath was more beautiful in the past than now, the greenery on mountains and the volume of water in the falls has depleted. And we are all responsible for it. Let’s lead a life that keeps our nature happy!

From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
Badarinath, 19 th June 2019

Swamiji initiated many seekers with Ashtakshari Mahamantra at Badarinath, answering questions from devotees, explaining the purpose and its significance beautifully. Swamiji congratulated everyone for getting initiated in the birthplace of the mantra

Badarinath, the Birth place of Real beauty!
Badarinath, the Birth place of Real beauty!
Badarinath, the Birth place of Real beauty!

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