None of them have the ability to independently give you a permanent state of bliss. That state of bliss lies when you raise above all of these and connect yourself with that Super power, who is the true source of all bliss.

Where is that Super Power then? As the great poet Pothana described, is he in ‘Vaikuntam’?

‘అల వైకుంఠపురంబులో నగరిలోనా మూల సౌధంబు దా
పల మందారవనాంతరామృతసరఃప్రాంతేందుకాంతోపలో…… ‘

Yes!! Is he ONLY in Vaikuntam? No! the same power that is in ‘Vaikuntam’ is also within you! That power is waiting to be realised and experienced. That super power, whom we call ‘Srimannarayana’ awaits your acceptance of the truth. Not for his sake, but for our own sake. For uplifting us from the mundane, and temporary states of emotions and be eternally happy!

What does it mean to be in a state of bliss?! It means to experience the wonderful qualities of that Super Power along with him! Those qualities are ‘eight fold, ashta gunas’! Want to know more?

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