Badari is one of the most original and holiest places on the Earth. This was the place where the Ashtakshari Mantra, a Moksha Mantra to the mankind to save themselves from the vicious circle of life and death was first recited by Nara Narayana himself. HH Jeeyar Swamiji on the occasion of Nara Narayana Thirunakshatra and First Friday in this auspicious month of Sravana Masa, enlightened one and all about the birth of Nara Narayana and heritage of Badarinath.

Birth of Nara Narayana

Nara Narayana Swami; The Lord Narayana in the Human form was born to Murthi and Dharma Prajapathi on the day when Sun enters Karkataka Rasi on Hastha Nakshatra in a village called Bhaaviki, which lies at the tail end, towards south of the divine Alakananda river. The Birth forms a great Celebration in the village and surrounding villages.

Leela Dungi

The birth stone where the Nara Narayana was born was named Leela Dungi. Dungi means Stone in their local dialect. Leela is what you call the phenomenon of birth of The Lord himself.


Badarinath lies to the east of The Mighty Neelakanta Parvatha standing tall after Himalayan Parvatha in terms of height. To the west was born Parama Siva, hence being called Kedarnath.

Lord Veda Vyasa and the Birth of the Four Vedas

Badarinath was also where the Maharshi Veda Vyasa performed Penance and also performed the division of Vedas in to four, for the benefit of the Mankind. It was also the place where he envisioned Srimad Bhagavatham. It is the place where a tributary of Saraswati river reaches the river Alakananda.

Varaha Sila

Lord Vishnu manifested himself as magnificient Varaha Sila. Saint Sankarcharya brings the Sila and instates the Sila in a ditch which now produces hot springs in this coldest region of Badarinath. It is believed that the hot springs are originated from the lotus feet of Narayana and is welcome relief for the piligrims, who take a holy dip in it. Nobody is sure how this was formed. A mention about the Sila was made in Srimad Bhagavatham, where Lord Krishna proctors Udbhava to go to Badariksramam and take shelter in it, to meet him.

These among many other wonders of Badarinath continue to allure and bless mankind in this Kalyuga.

Excerpts from the discourse of HH Jeeyar Swamiji

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