An ideal doctor is one who can bring a smile on the people who approach him with a problem. The smile on patients is not only a result of proper medication in the form of pills, but in the attitude with which the doctor approaches the problem. 60% of the problem can be solved with the attitude of the doctor. The remaining 40% depends on the medicine chosen. A doctor can be called a healer if he has the right attitude with right medicine in his hands.

Homeopathy approach has better opportunity to deal with the patients in much more depth as a person than other approaches. Homeopathy tries the understand the diseased, and not just the disease. Hence, homeopathy doctors can become better healers.

You all are very blessed to be part of such approach. When I learnt shorthand in 1973, I remember two simple guidelines to be best at it.

  • Master all the rules
  • Apply them on all scenarios

The same also applies to Homeopathy. Learn the rules so well that you don’t have to refer the book. And apply them in every scenario. Your attitude matters a lot during this process. Approach it with a goal of bringing a smile on the diseased. Everything will follow the goal.

– From the address of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
JIMS Fiesta Event, 23rd Dec 2018

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