The Splendid Seven

Do you know that Krishna had to take up a challenge in order to marry Nagnajithi? She was the daughter of Kumbha and Darmada. Kumbha was Yashoda’s brother. (Najnajithi was later referred to as Neela Devi in our scriptures.).

Ravan Fails – Hanuma Succeeds

Lakshman was combating with Ravan on the battle-field. After a while, he collapsed and fell unconscious. Ravan wished to take Lakshman’s unconscious body to his kingdom. So, he tried to carry him. But he could not move Lakshman even

The Three Modes of Mind

We all know positive attitude is a key element in staying strong through a critical situation in life. The ‘can do’ attitude is the recommended approach in reaching a goal. But, how much control do these attitudes have on