Why is Earth called Prithvi?

It is said, “Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not your own”. As documented by our Vedic historians, there was a king named Pruthu, whose experience is important to everyone. He was a pious, knowledgeable and a

Eleven Years of Glory at Divya Saketham

We have already learned about how Chaturmukha Brahma celebrated God’s glory by organizing a divine celebration called a Brahmotsavam. Since then, every temple celebrates the annual day of God’s appearance in the form of their presiding

Life, Love and Lord

Children love playing, teens love music, adults enjoy sharing fun times with loved ones. There are other activities that people are fond of. But, at what point in life does one fall in love with the Lord?   When you

Act of Compassion

Over 2 lakh people lost their lives and more than 30 lakh people are suffering due to Covid-19 across the world today. What did our rushis say about such periodic large scale suffering and deaths? It is said that

Vedas versus Logic

Very long ago, there was an American president who needed to travel by sea for an extended period of time. He preferred being a vegetarian. During the travel, he managed to eat vegetarian food for the first couple of