‘6th Sep 2017 – A Memorable day!’

‘Swamiji untied the knots of ultimate knowledge!’ said the great scholar, Sri Gudimella Krishnamacharyulu! ‘Swamiji is the rightful preacher because He alone can impart potions of this rich and authentic scriptural knowledge to current generation beautifully and joyously!’ said the

What astonished Kunthi Devi?

Kunthi Devi came to Nandagokulm to see her nephew, Sri Krushna. Here’s what she saw at the door step of Krushna’s house, her first sight of Krushna! She witnessed the below incident…! Yashoda was holding a stick, warning Krushna NOT

What is beyond Big Bang?

For all the youngsters these days who say that something exists only when seen; for all the thinkers who say proved theory through scientific experiments is the only governing law for human enhancement, here’s an excerpt from Sri Swamiji’s discourse