A Missing step in Water Cycle!?

Do you remember studying about this ‘Water Cycle’ in school science text books? The cycle talks about how ocean water evaporates, condenses and then precipitates. Sun is essential for evaporating the water. The evaporated water condenses to form rain

Yajna and its significance

Most of us have either heard about Yajna or have participated in it. Do you want to know the gist of it? A Yajna is performed with a specific purpose, and it involves three main aspects: Mantra, Tantra and

Do wishes come true?

‘May God bless you’, ‘I wish you all the very best’, ‘I will pray for you’ – These are some statements that we hear when one person wishes good for another. Do such wishes really help? Can they bring

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji Reached London

HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji reached London today. JET UK members and devotees received Sri Swamiji with love and devotion. All are invited to attend Sri Yagam on 18th June and Ashtakshari maha manthra initiation on 20th June.  For more