Imagine a cute little kid holding his grandfather’s hand and walking in a park. The sight is beautiful to watch. Why? Because, their bond touches our hearts. Now, imagine a child praying to God. The bond that the child feels with God also touches our hearts, but now at much more depth, doesn’t it?! Why? Because the child travels much deeper in his heart to establish bond with God. Both bonds are sweet, but the bond with God that the child establishes can increment his level of maturity multi-fold. This is what everyone witnessed during Sri Goda Ranganattha Kalyanam on the 13th of Jan 2019. Children were relishing and rejoicing the glory of God, participating in the events related to the Kalyanam!

It was all because Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji so beautifully explained to everyone old and young what it means to connect to the Supreme power, thereby increasing one’s potential to beyond the body!

One day, Swamiji was talking about how drumsticks should be avoided if one wants to keep their emotions more sattvic. Amongst the audience was a five-year-old child, named Amod who did not seem to be listening much and was playing around. After a couple of days, the child noticed that his chef was using drumsticks in the kitchen. He went and complained to his father, got the menu changed so that all the ingredients match to what Swamiji has advised!

This incident tells us that most of the times the fault lies in elders who don’t follow the scriptural advises as strictly as we are supposed. The adherence will not only keep us healthy physically but make us calm and content.

The five-year-old child, Amod was one of the grand kids of Sri Jupally Rameshwar Rao Garu!

Srimathi Srikumari and Sri Jupally Rameshwar Rao and his brother Sri Jagapathi Babu garu along with their sons, daughters, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law hosted Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji at their residence in Nandagiri Hills, Jubilee Hills for the entire Dhanurmasam 2018/2019 with great respects. Everyday, thousands of people poured in for the event both morning and evening. Not only did everyone rejoice the wise words of Swamiji, but also enjoyed delicious prasadam served by the family members.

The 13th richest man in the country and his utmost obedience towards Swamiji and all the devotees was something everyone admired.

Rameshwar Rao garu said, ‘Our entire family is indebted to Swamiji forever. Swamiji is a mark of true Vedic wisdom and can lead one in the path of righteousness with so much grace. All we need is willingness!’

– Dhanurmasam 2018/2019

If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen in to Swamiji, don’t miss – we have got them all recorded in YouTube, JETWORLD channel.

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