When we lose a dear one, friends and family convey heart felt deep condolences. But, if the soul completes the purpose of its existence in a body, then should be feeling pity for the family or should we be celebrating the soul’s departure to a higher state?

Now, the question is how do we know if the purpose is accomplished. This is what Swamiji educated everyone at Divya Saketham temple today.

Every soul takes a body to fulfil a purpose during its time in the body. It is either to serve dharma (the principles on which the world runs) or serve de:sa (the place of birth). If one spends their lifetime in working towards either or both, then the family can rejoice the departure of the soul.

No one living on this land at the moment will live forever. During the lifetime in this body, if the purpose isn’t met, then the soul ends up taking numerous births. If the soul loses the knowledge of the purpose because of ignorance and arrogance, there are even more numerous births the soul goes through to get rid of them and set its path right. An acharya’s grace can set the path of any seeker in such right direction.

After the purpose is met, the soul reaches the origin where it enjoys the restriction-free body to serve a higher purpose of God. This is a great achievement for a soul. This is the goal of any soul. (always remember that we speak of the term soul, it is us – we are in the current body and trying to meet the purpose of our existence in the body)

It is natural that the family misses the person who is no longer in the same body as he/she was! But, it is also important that we understand the working of the system as a whole. It becomes everyone’s responsibility to work with each other in supporting to complete our duties as prescribed in the sastra (vedas that define what dharma is). Encourage one who wants to traverse such path and finally go up the ladder to reach the origin.

–  From the discourse of Sri ChinnaJeeyarSwamiji

–  1st Feb 2019 Anniversary of Late Colonel Ravi Nandaji

– Requested by Smt. Nina Nandaji

Late Colonel Ravi Nandaji served Indian Army until he was retired. He was then part of Shantiniketan school owned by Sriman Purushottam Rao Garu, Secretary of JET. The couple are known to be very disciplined, strict, humble and frank. Many students of the school and their parents have all come down to Divya Saketham to pay their respects to such great soul. Smt. Nina Nanda ji is now serving Swamiji in the field of education.

Telangana DGP Mahender Reddy Garu also paid respects to Swamiji who had come by to honour the event. All the family felt ever indebted to Swamiji for imparting such key knowledge compassionately.

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