Vijaya Kiladri,

Today morning’s atmosphere was filled with mystic vibrations with the Veda and Divya Prabandha parayana on Vijaya Kiladri Hill. Under the august presence of HH Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji and HH Devanattha Jeeyar Swamiji, , Sriman Madhusudhachary Swamy and Sriman Srinivasacharya Swamy performed Vishvaksena puja and sprinkled the empowered askthatas to sanctify the place. Fire God was invoked by Arani Madhanam process and was placed in all the kundas in yaga sala. After purnahuthi, the swamys performed a homa in the asramam near the deities. After purnahuthi, the holy water was sprinkled on the deities. All the devotees circumambulated around the deities and touched them with reverence as this would the last time to get an opportunity to touch the deities. The morning program concluded with prasada goshti.

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